“When our writers find things that are high up on Spike, they KNOW that people will respond to the content."

Company size: 200 employees
Industry: Niche Digital Publishing
Kelly Burke, Editor
CHALLENGE: How can niche publishers increase content reach to win more readers?


Thedodo.com, a part of Group Nine properties, is an animal news site, dedicated to promoting animals and better care and treatment for them. The clue is in the name.


The Dodo’s mission is a worthy one. But how to increase content reach and win more hearts and minds? Hearing that traffic had doubled this last year, we reached out to Editor, Kelly Burke, to ask how her and colleagues are using NewsWhip Spike to save time and boost results.


Kelly tells us that NewsWhip Spike has become a core part of journalists’ and editors’ workflows at The Dodo.

"Spike plays a crucial role in our content selection process. Our editors and writers use spike throughout the day, searching for animal stories from all over the world.

Spike has really been a game changer for us, because it instantly shows us what users are responding to and never fails to serve up visually compelling stories for us to grab."


Kelly Burke, Editor
The Dodo

For an ultra-niche publisher like the Dodo, spotting engagement trends around animal news and themes, is essential to success. Spike allows Kelly and her team to discover the most popular content in their sphere in real time, and allows them to analyze larger audience trends in her sector.


With all of the social networks and thousands of sites in one place, the Dodo’s writers can use Spike to source obscure stories that might not be big on mainstream sites, but that spark huge interaction with their following.

"Dozens of our recent top performers [stories] have come from Spike, including a heartbreaking story of a dog who was rescued after being buried alive. This story broke in Paris, France, so we probably would not have found it for days if it weren’t for Spike. Luckily, we were able to share this resilient dog’s story that very day – and it instantly went viral.“

Kelly Burke, Editor
The Dodo

Anecdotes like this are a testament to Spike’s ability to surface pre-viral content from anywhere in the world – identifying what is relevant to you based on custom filters and panels.


Kelly says Spike saves their team hours by eliminating the guesswork in story selection.

"My writers and editors say Spike saves about an hour of search a day (per person). Even better, though, is that Spike makes my writers and editors feel more confident in their pitches.

When they find things that are high up on Spike, they KNOW that people will respond to the content. That’s been the biggest thing for us – no more aimless searches!“

Kelly Burke, Editor
The Dodo

We’re flattered to help Kelly and her team manage the information overload, that comes from the sheer amount of news breaking on the Internet today and find valuable needles in digital haystacks.

"Getting access to a tool like Spike can make a huge traffic impact for any publisher. It saves so much time, and it serves up stories with high viral potential from all over the world that you would have a very hard time finding on your own. Thanks to Spike, we are getting big animal stories first.“

Kelly Burke, Editor
The Dodo

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