“Spike is key to following the 'gen pop' interests. We use Spike to gather this social information for our clients."

Company size: 10,000+ employees
Industry: Marketing & Advertising
Lotte Uttley, Newsroom Editor
CHALLENGE: How can you track world-wide trends and audience sentiment in real time?


NewsWhip client and global media and marketing agency OMD works hard to identify trends, events and topical stories, in news and social, that are relevant for its brand clients to engage with.


Newsroom Editor, Lotte Uttley, tells us how these insights then inform “creative ideas, ideas for real-time social posts and even planned cultural zeitgeist initiatives.”


After putting NewsWhip Spike into action in its Newsroom, Lotte and colleagues use Spike to not only monitor trends, events and stories, but also to “spot sentiment about brands while tracking engagement levels to articles.”

"Our brands are keen to be more relevant to people’s lives which is why it’s highly important they have an overview to which topics/trends make people engage with social conversations."


Lotte Uttley, Newsroom Editor

In an ever noisier Internet, with growing competition for attention, it’s hard to execute smart and effective content and social strategies.


This is why OMD brings NewsWhip Spike in, to help their marketers listen smartly to social and focus resources, creating content and communications that are simply more engaging.


Spike has given OMD the ability to do better media monitoring and content tracking – fully understanding what’s getting attention on social. And, a new ability to track engagement levels during story life cycles about OMD’s brand clients.

"Spike has been very helpful in showing engagement levels during a certain story’s lifespan. Using the tool can also help us predict the social importance of issues, so we can feed back to the client to see if we can spot brand opportunities.“

Lotte Uttley, Newsroom Editor

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