“Spike rules the day here."

Company size: 200 employees
Industry: Digital Publishing
Mike Cahill, Managing Editor
CHALLENGE: How do you eliminate the guesswork in story selection, to produce engaging hits every time?


Mic is shaking up the digital news space with their domination of millennials’ attention. The “for and by millennials” site has become a serious competitor for the most established publishers in just 5 years.
But writing for the generation that lives and breathes social demands constantly staying ahead of the curve. Managing Editor Mike Cahill and Trending News Staff Writer Jessica Eggert tell us how Spike helps them do just that.


Spike gives writers and editors a view of social signals tailored to their mission – allowing them to see what’s gaining quantifiable velocity across every relevant sector.


For Mic, data is everything. Mike says Spike not only gives them the stats they need to pinpoint pivotal trends for young professionals, but lets them identify the most compelling content to keep their audience engaged and coming back for more.

"Spike has helped us search a wider variety of sources for the themes and topics that matter most to our audience. We’re super excited to be using it and it’s been a valuable tool."

We take the 50 most important topics and keywords to a section and create a custom dashboard, since our Facebook pages are driven largely by theme or narrative."


Mike Cahill, Managing Editor

Spike generates reliable data on pre-trending stories guaranteed to engage readers and inform social strategy. As a trending news writer, Jessica’s main goal is to find the viral content that will captivate her readers before the rest of the crowd.


With Spike, she can know exactly when to grab an emerging piece and craft it into a hit story for Mic. By showing the stories already getting traction in their niche, Spike is helping the Mic news team inform their story selection and engage their social communities.

"When I find a story on Twitter, I’m going with my gut on how it will share. But when I find a story on Spike, I already know its viral and share potential.

Many of our most-shared stories have been Spike finds.“

Mike Cahill, Managing Editor

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