“We use Spike to identify the top owned and earned stories for our brand."

Company size: 10,000+ employees
Industry: Financial Services
Bernhard Mors, VP Corporate Comms
CHALLENGE: How can you identify the media coverage that’s most important for your brand today?


NewsWhip client Mastercard has a Digital Center of Excellence for Worldwide Communications. The professionals in this Center manage Mastercard’s social monitoring, brand publishing and comms, on a global basis.


To keep ahead of the competition and find content aligned with their brand themes, members of the Center of Excellence are constantly on the look out for game-changing technologies. Driven by these motivations, Mastercard’s VP of Corporate Communications, Bernhard Mors and his team trialled NewsWhip Spike.

"In Worldwide Communications our goal is to engage key influencers around four key themes (innovation, safety & security, financial inclusion, global cities) and to drive advocacy for MasterCard."


Bernhard Mors, VP Corporate Comms

With such a major monitoring and communications challenge to manage and after impressive results, MasterCard quickly integrated NewsWhip into workflows around its newsroom.


Spike is helping MasterCard do its media monitoring and content performance analytics more effectively by giving insight into which publishers and stories are gaining traction right now.

"On a regular ad-hoc basis we look to Spike to better understand the velocity and relevance of certain news stories to answer questions such as: who’s driving them? Should we get in or stay out of a conversation?

On a weekly basis, we use Spike to identify the top owned and earned stories for our brand and for some of our key competitors.“

Bernhard Mors, VP Corporate Comms

Spike has allowed MasterCard to seamlessly track media coverage around their brand themes, understand the impact of stories mentioning their name, and cultivate an engaged social following. With all of this information in one dashboard, MasterCard has a one-stop solution for better reputation management.


Bernhard and his communications and marketing colleagues are now able to listen more smartly, critically understanding what their “stakeholders care about, what they talk about, who and what they engage with and what their questions are.”

"It’s about getting insights that help us better understand what’s going on and enable us to be better storytellers. Spike is invaluable in helping us do this.

Data and audience insights are the foundation to drive relevant engagement. We are recommending Spike to all our visitors, and our Global Marketing team now also has it integrated into their big screen.“

Bernhard Mors, VP Corporate Comms

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