“We feel that when we use Spike, we can get stories written up before our competitors."

Company size: 500 employees
Industry: Digital Publishing
Ethan Klapper, Global Social Media Editor
CHALLENGE: How can you filter the billions of stories across the entire web to get to the best content first?


The Huffington Post is a renowned publisher known for its punchy trademark opinion pieces and trending news coverage. Frequently beating out other big names for share of the social sphere, the Huffington Post knows the importance of staying on the cutting edge of social.


As the digital-first and trending news sector becomes more crowded, the Huffington Post needs top of the line social data to keep them at the top of the online news sphere.


With millions of content objects published on the Web each day, finding the stories that your audience wants to read (before the competition) is a problem that leaves many publishers scrambling. To meet this challenge, the Huffington Post uses Spike to save hours of discovery time, focus resources more effectively and deliver more engaging stories.


Global Social Media Editor Ethan Klapper says Spike not only lets them predict the engagement a story will get, but helps their teams make more informed decisions for their audiences.

"Spike helps us mine some of the deep, dark corners of the Internet for pre-viral content. I also use the tool to spot check us against our competitors – it really gives us a nice picture of what’s going on.

We use Spike to both generate story ideas for viral content, and to monitor our competition. It’s particularly popular in our international newsrooms, where the staffs are smaller – Spike is a huge job aid to them."


Ethan Klapper, Global Social Media Editor
Huffington Post

Ethan says social media is of “tantamount” importance to the Huffington Post because it’s how they draw in new readers, and how many readers today consume news on social platforms. With Spike, they can analyze and understand the formats and stories that get the most engagement on various social networks.


Spike gives the Huffington Post real-time data on the pre-viral content that will engage their diverse readership, helping them scoop the competition. With the social data that Spike provides for a wide array of social platforms and thousands of sites, the Huffington Post knows exactly when to devote their resources to a project.

"We’re a data-driven newsroom. While it’s not the final say on which stories are written, data helps inform our coverage. Spike helps us by understanding how likely a story is to go viral, and helps us decide whether or not to write a story up.“

Ethan Klapper, Global Social Media Editor
Huffington Post

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