“Spike is an inspiration for us - an engine for our content production.”

Company size: 25-50 employees
Industry: Publisher
Margaux Rouche, Head of Fashion
CHALLENGE: How can you produce engaging niche content, tailored to each social platform, for regional audiences?
Aufeminin is a French women’s interest site, best known for their social media strength and loyal followings. As a topical, regional publisher, Aufeminin is constantly looking for niche trends that will interest their readers, that haven’t been widely covered in France.
Head of Fashion at Aufeminin, Margaux Rouche, says that catering to changing social platforms is a constant challenge – as audiences move more and more towards consuming news on social first. Following platform-specific trends and analyzing what drives engagement on each is essential, but surfacing those trends proved difficult.

"People don’t consume information like they previously did – they’d rather use social media. Thus, it’s necessary to constantly adapt to the whims of Google, Facebook or Pinterest in order to boost our audiences on a day-to-day basis, and keep our position as a leader.

Each social platform has a different community, which is why we produce targeted content depending on each. The web and media are evolving, and so is Aufeminin."


Margaux Rouche, Head of Fashion

To meet the challenge of finding pre-viral fashion content that will resonate with French readers on each platform, Margaux and the Aufeminin team brought on NewsWhip Spike. Not only does Spike allow Aufeminin to surface fashion content before it’s been widely covered in France, it helps their team understand what trends and formats will engage the most readers.
Margaux uses the Spike dashboard each morning to search for related trending stories and videos for Aufeminin’s different sections, then tailors that content for her French audience.

"Every morning, I search worldwide with keywords like “fashion,” “dress,” “trendy,” “curvy,” or “shoes.” The idea is to find viral stories and news that’s not out yet in France, and might interest our readership on Facebook, where we have 2 million followers."

Margaux Rouche, Head of Fashion

Using Spike, Margaux and her team have shaved off hours of discovery time and know immediately which stories they should be paying attention to or covering. With a centralized view of the topical and niche content getting traction on every social platform, Aufeminin has streamlined their content production process and engaged new readers on every platform.

"Spike enables us to make keyword searches over time, and by topic. It’s really a time-saver and enables us to face the explosion of social media, and the changes that media outlets now need to undertake."

Margaux Rouche, Head of Fashion

Margaux says it’s both the speed of content discovery and breadth of coverage over hundreds of countries and topics that makes Spike an invaluable tool for her team – and has allowed them to pick up content ideas from other countries and use them to boost their readership.
Aufeminin is using Spike to execute a data-driven content strategy – enabling them to reach new audiences and keep ahead of their competitors.

"I’d say Spike is an inspiration for us, an engine for our content production."

Margaux Rouche, Head of Fashion

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