“We gained 20,000 unique visitors on our website due to an Argentinian national story we spotted on Spike."

Company size: 500+ employees
Industry: Publisher
Juan Manuel Gaitan, Product Manager
CHALLENGE: How can multi-regional media brands roll out unified social strategy on all the platforms?
NewsWhip Spanish-language client Artear is one of the largest broadcasters in Argentina. With audiences across Latin America and a wide range of multi-platform content, Artear needs to know how to package and place their stories at a moment’s notice.
Artear was looking for a tool that would show them the stories gaining traction with each of their regional audiences, and would show them those stories’ performance on each social network.
Product Manager Juan Manuel Gaitan says Spike has helped Artear roll out informed social strategy across all of their platforms (such as 13TV, TNTV, ciudad.com), while keeping their voice as a media conglomerate consistent.

"We try to post our content on the relevant social media platforms – Each medium such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat receives our content in different ways."


Juan Manuel Gaitan, Product Manager

Juan says that all of their outlets use Spike to monitor the news and segment the most popular current events, whether that be local Argentinian celebrity news or breaking news in nearby communities.

"We create a panel around Argentina and surrounding countries where our reporters keep up to date on what’s going on – We always have the HUD [Heads Up Display] running.

We do not only focus on moving content to our site that we see trending – we take into consideration what platform it is excelling on and its [Spike] velocity score, then determine how fast we want to break the story and on what social platform."

Juan Manuel Gaitan, Product Manager

Spike is always up on the Artear team’s monitors – tracking which content will perform best on different platforms. When a story is moving the needle in Spike, Artear writers move quickly to make sure it’s either covered on their respective sites or on the right social networks.
With diverse social platforms at the core of Artear’s engagement operations, Spike offers them the ability to identify exactly which social sites will help their content outperform the competition. Juan says that every story they post on Snapchat stems from what is trending on Spike.

"I’ve kept track of the social media likes and shares in relation to the content and realized we are attracting a lot more traffic with stories we see in Spike. There was one instance where we gained 20,000 unique visitors on our website due to an Argentinian national story we spotted on Spike.

I spend a lot of time, if not all day in Spike – Now that we have Spike we are much more efficient. In one month I have published 32 stories stemming from Spike."

Juan Manuel Gaitan, Product Manager

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