API Endpoints

All requests to the NewsWhip API are securely made with an HTTPS GET request to the following endpoint: https://api.newswhip.com/

There are two types of API endpoints: GET and POST.

GET Endpoints

GET endpoints are best suited for finding real-time, trending articles in any niche or social network, with or without video, published in any country up to a week ago. Four types of URL endpoints can be constructed to get recently published stories ranked using any social metric:

POST Endpoints

POST endpoints are best suited for very precise article filtering, real-time analytics, aggregations and reporting. These APIs slice and dice our data in any form. The POST API endpoints are designed for increased flexibility and are much more powerful. With these server-side only endpoints, your application gets full access to all content published within the last 6 months from any publisher in any supported language. Filtered, sorted and aggregated by any field you’d like.
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