Never miss the stories that matter

Up to the minute public engagement data on relevant articles & posts, straight to your email inbox or Slack

Customizable and real-time alerts

Narrow your focus

Powerful search queries help you filter out the noise so you only receive alerts for the content you care about.

Cover web & social

NewsWhip alerts keep you up to date on content from web publishers, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Reduce the noise

Customisable alert trigger thresholds help you find what’s going to matter in the coming hours.

Make decisions with confidence

Real-time and predictive

React within 90 seconds of posting

Real-time alerts for web and social posts that give you up to the minute and predicted levels of public engagement in as little as 90 seconds.

Deliver by email or integrate with Slack

Add up to 10 teammates to email alerts

Full web coverage plus social media

Customizable and contextual

Bring context to every article & post

Setup real-time alerts to trigger for all content or only the content that meets public engagement levels that you control, so you can monitor what matters.

Public engagement data on every alert

Trigger based on predicted engagement

Alert only for content that’s going viral

More features that deliver real-time insights


Bring public interest and media interest together to give you a full understanding of any crisis, event, or trend.

Reddit monitoring

Understand public perception and popularity levels on the stories and topics that are relevant to you.

Websites Leaderboard

Instantly discover the websites that are driving public interest in any industry, topic, or beat in the world.


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