Stay ahead and save time with NewsWhip’s AI Digest

NewsWhip’s AI Digest combines the dependability of our trusted data with the speed of GPT insights.

AI Digest helps you stay ahead

Our customers already receive hundreds of thousands of email alerts every month. Our new digests enhanced with GPT technology will build on the pre-existing desire to receive insights off-platform, and offer even greater summarization and analysis at a glance.

The speed of GPT with the accuracy of NewsWhip

Save time with AI Digest

AI Digest

Our AI Digest takes the top articles for your search and uses GPT technology to summarize them for you, making pulling out themes and trends easier than ever before, providing concise and comprehensive AI-powered insights to keep you fully informed on any topic.

Receive weekly or daily digests

Digests based upon engagement data

Turn AI summaries on and off as needed

add context with Timeline

Timeline Graph

Add Timeline to your digests, giving you a quick picture of change in public and media interest, straight to your inbox. This setting can be toggled on and off, whether you have AI functionality enabled or not.

Understand change in interest at a glance

Benchmark coverage levels

Gain instant visual context

Receive insights where you work

Insights on Demand

This latest product update is part of our continued commitment to bringing insights to our clients where they need them, and builds on our previous releases of Microsoft Teams and custom reporting, while adding to our pre-existing alert and digest functionality.

Email, Slack and MS Teams integration

Real-time and predictive alerts

Custom reports

“NewsWhip’s alerting functionality is among the best I've seen in the industry. I feel confident setting up alerts that I'm not going to end up spamming my stakeholders with too many or too few alerts.”


Nurture your audience connection

“NewsWhip has the best real-time alerts for media coverage”

Brianna Milanowski

Associate Director, APCO Worldwide

How our AI Digests work

Groups top articles into themes

We take the top articles based on engagement for whatever search you want summarized.

Summarize with GPT

We then send these articles to GPT 3.5 with a prompt to summarize and pull out the top themes, which we then turn into a digest.

Graph with article plotting on crisis timeline

Turn on/off timeline

Choose whether you want to receive a Timeline visual to showcase media and public interest at the top of your digest.

Graph with article plotting on crisis timeline

Set the frequency to daily or weekly

Receive the digest at a frequency that suits your workflow, whether that’s first thing in the morning or at a specific time daily or weekly.

Chat with us today

Chat with a member of our team today to uncover the potential of NewsWhip’s AI Digest to speed up and redefine your insight-driven workflows.

On the call we’ll explore:

How you currently share critical information internally

Your use of automated and custom reports

NewsWhip’s suite of digests, alerts and reports

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