NewsWhip for Agencies

NewsWhip provides the real-time and long-term engagement data agencies need to create more effective campaigns and spread brand messages across the web and social.
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NewsWhip Spike - Agency Social Media Tool

Spike is the most real-time view of the sites, stories and posts engaging your audience.

Real-time monitoring goes predictive

Understand the client stories that will receive attention today, and predict how they will perform. Find opportunities faster and manage threats more quickly with a one-stop view of breaking content.

Panoramic media planning

Know exactly what publishers and authors are fueling engagement and driving a story forward. Understand how you can leverage cultural trends across the web and social today, and track the influencers driving engagement around the conversations that are important to your client.
“Our brands are keen to be more relevant to people’s lives, which is why it’s highly important they have an overview to which topics/trends make people engage with social conversations. Spike is key to following the gen pop interests.”
“We have a dedicated Spike screen in our social hub – BrandLIVE. This way, everybody can spot trending news items much quicker."

NewsWhip Analytics for Agencies

Analytics is the world’s most complete set of stories tracked against every social network.

Informed campaign strategy

Understand engagement trends around events, seasons and topics. Learn what angles and formats spark audience interest on each platform. Zero in on the most effective themes and best platforms to distribute on.

More effective influencer identification

Know why stories get attention, and which authors and sites amplify them. See the influencers consistently driving engagement for brands and verticals over the long term, so you can leverage their followings.
"We rely a lot on predictive analytics to find the moments we should be sharing or engaging with – which is how we leverage NewsWhip"
“All agencies really can benefit from a tool like this. Beyond our clients, we’re using it for our own benefit, our own content: to see what is happening in our world, so we know what to write about — not just what we think we want to talk about.”

See how our products give you deeper social media analytics

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See how our products give you deeper social media analytics

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