Looking back at 2023: What we launched and why we built it

December 20, 2023

Written by Dervilla Mullan
Illustration of the latest features related to Insights in NewsWhip

In a year where teams were striving to do more with less in an increasingly chaotic world, at NewsWhip we focused on providing more context and clarity for our users, enabling better decisions and calmer minds. 

Here’s what we’ve brought to our platform in 2023.

Covering what matters with additional platforms

In 2023 we committed to increasing the number of platforms you can monitor within NewsWhip. We added TikTok videos and seamlessly transitioned our Twitter coverage to the new X api, enabling longer searches of that network. We also launched a publisher-only beta program with LinkedIn. That’s a program we hope to extend to other users next year. 

We believe the additional context from these sources is crucial for our users to have the full picture of the social and digital landscape, ensuring that they are always making the most informed decision possible.

Unique insights on time-sensitive issues and key topics

On top of that ever-expanding data set, we introduced several new unique insights that help communications and media leaders  better answer their key questions. 

Our Highlights feature summarizes the important changes and interest peaks on any topic or issue. We have added new intelligence to our data platform to extract the top people and brands, and applied our unique quantification and visualization capabilities to map those by media and public interest. This gives our users live insight into what’s changed in coverage and why, freeing up time for them to decide how to react strategically. 

timeline of target interest

Our recently launched AI Digest harnesses the latest LLM capabilities to identify the themes of the most engaged articles on any search for distribution to stakeholders. The digest also includes our powerful timeline chart plotting media and public interest over time. AI is going to play an increasing role in comms and insights work in 2024, and we’re excited to have begun the process of integrating GPT into our outputs in a way that saves our users time. 

Of course, the quicker you can get to the bottom of any problem the better, but these days it’s not just about summarizing the data quickly, it’s also about distributing those insights beyond the immediate team using the platform directly. This helps the organizations we partner with become more data-informed at scale, leading to faster, better decisions all round.  

Insight on demand, when and where it’s needed

More than ever, this year we have seen our users share our powerful insights more widely in their organization — to colleagues, stakeholders, other functions and C-suite. 

In response to this demand, we have released a suite of tools to make that more efficient and more suited to the needs of those recipients. Our explorer licenses cater to those colleagues who just want to view our insights without spending  time building dashboards themselves. We are also offering a range of reporting services that can be tailored to individual needs, from snapshots to deep dives.

top brands chart of brands leaving X

And for the real-time, automated distribution of alerts and insights, we have added MS Teams alerts to our existing Slack and email offerings. This integration with MS Teams embeds NewsWhip better into our clients workflow and allows team-wide access to updates.   

Scaling predictive media insight in 2024

In the year ahead we will be further pushing the boundaries on embedding data-driven foresight into comms and media teams and their organizations. We will deepen our social insights and provide an even wider perspective with broader data and time ranges. Our reporting capabilities will be significantly enhanced, leveraging more AI to make 2024 the year where the unique power of NewsWhip data and insights impact our clients at a new scale. 

I’ll be back this time next year to report on our progress after what should be an exciting year ahead. If you have any questions or feedback about any of the above, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team here.

Dervilla Mullan

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