NewsWhip awarded five G2 Badges for Fall 2023

September 12, 2023

Written by NewsWhip

This fall, we’re excited to share that we’ve been awarded with a total of five G2 badges. G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace, and assists 80 million people annually in making informed software choices through genuine peer reviews. And once again, G2 has reaffirmed our position as leaders in both media and social media monitoring. But there’s more to celebrate.

NewsWhip continues to earn recognition as high performers in social media monitoring and media monitoring for both the Enterprise and Small business categories. 

Furthermore, we’re thrilled to also receive an award as a high performer in media monitoring for the Americas Regional Grid® Report.


NewsWhip G2 Awards Fall 2023

Leader in Media Monitoring
High Performer in Enterprise Media Monitoring
High Performer in Americas Media Monitoring
High Performer in Small-Business Social Media Monitoring
Leader in Social Media Monitoring

To top it off, we have been given an additional reward of the ‘Users Love Us’ badge for maintaining an average rating of 4.5 in our reviews — well above the minimum threshold of 4.0 stars.

Of course, those badges owe their existence to the reviews provided by our trusted partners. Here’s what they had to say about NewsWhip:

  • “I use NewsWhip for everything! From researching the latest trends, to monitoring for crisis scenerios or positive outcomes. I love the comparative graphs that the crisis template uses to showcase to clients where we are on certain scenarios.” – Laura Beth Telep, Associate Vice President for Clyde Group


  • Newswhip is fast-moving, and instantly responsive, which is invaluable when monitoring a live situation and sharing updates with key stakeholders. The insights the platform gives on predicted interactions, highest velocity, etc. are also ideal for adding perspective to an unfolding story, and in helping us plan next reactive steps.”  – Fern Wigfield, Global Communications Executive for Merlin Entertainments


  • “NewsWhip is a tool that makes me a better consultant to my clients.” – Chris Smith, Senior Strategist at Red Consultancy


  • NewsWhip’s custom searches and alerts help do that tracking far more efficiently than I would be able to without the platform.” – Carrie R., Rapid Response Director, Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression


  • [What I like best about NewsWhip is] the ability to generate white space analysis charts and provide clear data to my teams and leaders on current trends in the media. This enables us to make better-informed decisions which impact the way we do business.” – Mike F., Enterprise

  • “I really enjoy the Alerts feature in NewsWhip and have found it helpful in client reporting. Additionally, dashboard widgets, especially the timeline widget, are incredibly helpful in assessing the effectiveness of our efforts…” – Abigail N., Small-Business


  • “The predictive elements in NewsWhip are 10/10 – we know when our brand is mentioned, by whom, and how widely it’s likely to be shared on social. With the ability to add almost any website, and most social accounts, we’re on top of the conversation, even if it’s just starting.” – Verified User in Marketing and Advertising


  • “The best recommendation I can give anyone about NewsWhip is that it provides invaluable insight and data — if you want to understand what is happening across social and with your accounts/competitors, you have to use it.” – Verified User in Online Media


  • “NewsWhip has been an invaluable part of my marketing tech stack for 10 years.” Verified User in Entertainment


Thank you to everyone who gave us a review and helped us achieve these badges. If you’d like to add your voice for the next set of badges, we’d greatly appreciate a review on G2 here.

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