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November 15, 2022

Written by NewsWhip

What you can expect from us

Looking for your next role is time-consuming. It shouldn’t be frustrating as well. We want to be clear and transparent through the steps of our interview process. It may differ slightly from role to role but the framework will remain the same:

1. Application

We are looking for people who have the skills and experience to really add to our Team. If you’re not quite a match for our current vacancies, we’ll let you know. Nobody likes the sound of silence.

2. First Call

We would organise a first call with our Recruitment Team followed by the Hiring Manager. This allows us to find out more about yourself and your experience, and lets you find out more details about the role, as well as the wider Dept.

3. Take-home test / Challenge

Depending on what role you are talking to us about we might ask you to solve a predetermined challenge. This helps us verify your experience and understand how you approach unfamiliar problems.

4. Virtual Interview

You will meet with the Hiring Manager as well as several members of the Team, allowing us to evaluate technical skills, experience and value fit. We also want to provide you with good visibility as to how the team works.

We commit to ensuring the process is moving as swiftly as it can, keeping you updated all the way through.


NewsWhip is hiring

We’d love to hear from you. See our open job openings and learn more about working at NewsWhip

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