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August 11, 2022

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We have embraced remote working, and our focus is on the work we do, not where we do it. We are a remote-first company and see the benefits that brings. We don’t go to the office by default, but do so when it brings value, whether that’s a team planning session, meeting clients, or just to meet with colleagues for lunch or an evening get together.

Our remote-first policy is built on 3 pillars; Trust, Communication, and Community. We work as a team, with the same clear goals and aims, and make sure to enjoy ourselves along the way.

This policy is based on mutual trust, we are all striving to make NewsWhip a success, and we trust each other to take on responsibility for our work and play our respective parts, whether we are working in the office or remotely.

Recognising the challenges of working remotely, we all strive to be proactive in our communication with each other, making sure we keep our colleagues included and informed, wherever they are working.

We are a team, and despite physical distance, we work together to support one another and make NewsWhip a success. We strive to work (and have fun) with our colleagues through face-to-face and virtual connections.

We make sure there’s no surprises, and can give you full clarity on remote working with us if you’re considering working with us. For those who prefer the office environment, we provide that as well. Simply, we took all our individual viewpoints, to find something that works for us all.

The great thing about a Remote-First environment is the additional freedoms it gives us all. This also includes working out of country/state when possible, so we have a clear framework for ‘Remote working when abroad’.

We strive to work with a Customer-First mindset, and different roles have different in-person requirements but we our teams can work from abroad for an extended period of time across 12 months:

90 day max – Our Engineering / Product / Operations / Implementation teams.
60 day max – Our Commercial teams.


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