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March 30, 2022

Written by NewsWhip
Image of updated NewsWhip Spike home screen and copy to clipboard feature

This month, we released two updates to NewsWhip Spike. Not only did we update our home screen to make it faster for you to get to the insights in your dashboards, we also made it quicker to share data with your stakeholders who don’t have access to Spike.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in NewsWhip Spike.

Find your dashboards quicker with a redesigned home screen

To help you find the right dashboard quickly, we’ve redesigned the home screen to bring dashboards front and center. This makes it easier for you to use dashboards to get the most valuable insights from your searches thanks to dashboard features like the All Searches view, the Timeline widget, and your content feeds & leaderboards all in a single view.

Here’s how it looks:

Image of NewsWhip Spike Home Screen March 2022

What’s new about this home screen:

  • You can now see which searches are in your dashboards, directly from the home screen. No more clicking in to see what it contains!
  • When you have multiple searches in your dashboard, you can directly access a specific search by clicking on it from the home screen.
  • Dashboards are now sorted in descending order from last created. We’ve done this as we know these are typically the most relevant to you right now.
  • You can drag and drop your dashboards to reorder them so you can keep important dashboards at the top of your list.

Not only does this update help you to maximize your real-time insights, it also makes it easier to identify which dashboards contain the information you need. By giving you transparency on what searches you already have, the time it takes you to get directly into specific searches on your dashboards will decrease.

The ability to search, delete, rename, and reposition your dashboards all from your home screen will also give you greater control and management over your dashboards.

See below for a run through of how your new home screen works.

Share your insights anywhere with copy to clipboard

We also released an update that lets you easily copy formatted text to your clipboard, so you can quickly update stakeholders on the latest engagement on any article, topic, or publisher. This adds to our recent update that allows you to easily share alerts with team members.

When you click the three dot menu on any widget, you can then click copy to clipboard. This will copy the top 10 entries for that widget such as the top 10 reddit posts from the Reddit monitoring feed, or the top 10 authors driving engagement from the Top Authors Leaderboard.

Similarly, you can click on the three dot menu for any article, post, or leaderboard entry, and then click copy to clipboard. This lets you paste details about the article, post, or leaderboard entry along with the most up to date public engagement data.

Here’s an example of what you get for each entry, pasted directly from Spike in 2 simple clicks:

Web article: Mar 17 2022, by formula1.com

F1 return ‘a dream come true’ says Magnussen ahead of Bahrain GP | Formula 1®
Kevin Magnussen is currently preparing for this weekend’s season opening race at the Bahrain International Circuit. But even just a few weeks ago, a return to Formula 1 wasn’t on Magnussen’s radar – with the Dane describing his “unexpected” return to the grid as a “dream”.

Total interactions: 5.5k, Facebook interactions: 5.4k, Twitter interactions: 126

View article

You can see the feature in action below.

Ready to get started?

If you’d like help using your new home screen, or copying to your clipboard, you can email your Customer Success Manager by clicking here.

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