April 2021 NewsWhip Product Updates

May 7, 2021

Written by NewsWhip
Image of data feeds in NewsWhip Spike

In April, after the release of Top Reddit Communities Leaderboard, we started preparing for some exciting new product updates that you will see coming soon. We also worked on updates to our product that bring bug fixes and minor upgrades.

On top of those updates, we have one very obvious update that we’re quite excited about. It’s called Elevation Layers, and we’ve introduced it to bring a visual upgrade to NewsWhip Spike that helps you in more ways than you might think.

Read below to check out what’s new, and click on any image to take a closer look.

NewsWhip Spike Elevation Layers Update

Updated NewsWhip Spike Design with Elevation Layers

As part of our on-going design strategy to make our product more consistent and logical, we made small but significant visual improvements to Spike. This is going to help you in two ways.


Easier for you to navigate

This update introduces a hierarchy of layers for all content in NewsWhip Spike. Now, when you interact with content, it moves towards you, by getting lighter, to indicate their focus. This method has been introduced for content containers such as article cards, and interactive elements like the save buttons you see in your dashboards.

Your lists of searches and dashboards on the homepage are now in their own sections. This makes the home page easier to read.

We have also re-styled some of the navigation elements to fit better with this new UI to make it a more enjoyable and consistent experience for you.


Faster delivery of new features

The way colours are specified in Spike are now consistent across all the elements. This makes it faster for our design and development teams to design, build, and deliver new Spike features to you.


Image of Twitter hashtag management in NewsWhip Spike

New API data field

We updated the stats endpoint in our API to add a new data field called total_matched_articles. This new data field represents the sum of all articles that match the search filters within your request for that aggregation group, and will help you to quickly measure media output on any topic.

Image of NewsWhip Spike Boolean search guidance

Bug fixes

Historical Facebook Posts

A recent change to the way Facebook structure their Post URLs meant that some historic images/videos didn’t load when you expanded them in Spike. We’ve released a fix for this.


Cancel/Done buttons

We noticed that when editing a search string in Spike, the cancel/done buttons often obscure the text input. We’ve added some padding on the search pill to reduce the impact.


If you are an existing NewsWhip client, your Customer Success Manager can help you with any of these updates. Click here to email your Customer Success Manager.

If you are new to NewsWhip and you would like to see these updates in action, then you can request a demo by clicking here.

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