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April 14, 2021

Written by NewsWhip
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Reddit is home to over 100,000 communities. When you need to find the content that matters most to your audience or content strategy, it can be hard to know where to start. Great stories, conversations, and content can appear in the places you least expect it.

But what if it were easier to find those communities? Today, with the launch of Top Communities Leaderboard, NewsWhip will instantly show you the subreddits with the most engagement and content relating to any topics, brands, hobbies, and cities you wish to research.

Ready to start exploring Reddit for your next story or insight? Here’s how Top Communities Leaderboard can help you.

Image of Top Communities leaderboard

Find the communities at the heart of the content

Every dashboard in NewsWhip Spike is built off Boolean Search that helps you cut out the noise, and get straight to the content that matters. By adding Top Communities Leaderboard to your dashboard, you get an instant ranking of the most engaged subreddits that are producing the content that matches your search query.

The search ranking then defaults to the subreddits with the most votes. This gives you the quickest insight into where the content relevant to you is most popular. You can also sort by the size of the community, the number of posts in a specified time range, or the average vote score per relevant post.

Image of Top Communities leaderboard

Explore the content from previously undiscovered communities

Once you have found the communities that fit your parameters, you can browse through the relevant posts at a glance to quickly gather insights on the topics that are posted about within each community.

Individual communities on Reddit often represent different viewpoints. This is the beauty of Reddit. Top Communities Leaderboard puts these viewpoints into one place so you can quickly get a sense of the content within each community, and how that fits in the broader conversation, to help form your decisions on what is popular, and who it is popular with.

Image of Top Communities leaderboard

Understand the popular opinion, as well as who and what is driving it

While post vote score is a major indicator of the popularity of content, it doesn’t always get to the heart of what is being said. Many opinions and and conversations drive public engagement, and Top Communities Leaderboard brings you to the heart of the conversations behind every topic. Filter comments down to those that are relevant to your search, or the full comment thread from any post to put context on the perception of each community on the leaderboard.

With post scores, comment scores, and community size available at a glance, you can get a representative view of how important each opinion is on every story and trend. Allowing you to make data informed decisions on what’s popular, how to get involved, and what to pay attention to.

If you are an existing NewsWhip client, your Customer Success Manager can get you started with Top Communities Leaderboard. Click here to email your Customer Success Manager.

If you are new to NewsWhip, then you can request a demo by clicking here.

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