Save yourself time and monitor social media performance right inside Google Sheets, with our new Sheets add-on. 

NewsWhip Sheets is a quick and easy way to bring the power of NewsWhip’s data into your Google Sheets workflow.

Instead of hours spent on manual searching and data entry, you now can cut out the guesswork and use NewsWhip’s defensible data to inform your strategy and ideation across any list of competitive URLs, topics, or keywords.

NewsWhip Sheets allows you to check up on web content from your campaigns, track owned content performance, or perform competitive analysis, across a set of URLs or keywords.

Instant information on URLs

Using a list of URLs within Google Sheets, you can activate the NewsWhip Sheets add-on to fetch and populate outstanding information on the articles, including headlines, the count of Facebook interactions, Twitter shares, and more.

For PR professionals, this makes reporting on a list of mentions for your brand easy and effortless.

Find top articles across a keyword search

For research into a specific topic, you can use the Keyword Search.
With the keywords tab option in the add-on, you can simply type in your topic of interest, select a time range and your order of preference.

Keyword search NewsWhip Sheets Google Sheets
For example, you can sort by total interaction count. The list will populate with URLs and information relevant to your keyword search. This can be used to discover new content ideas or dive into research about how a topic is driving social media engagements. You can choose the data you need, and where you’d like it to be added in each sheet using the configure tab in the add-on.

This includes:

  • The articles’ headline
  • An excerpt from the article
  • Entities (proper nouns extracted from the article)
  • Date of publication
  • Facebook data, including total interaction count, or breakdown across likes, shares, and comments
  • Twitter data including influencer shares, and predicted influencer shares

With this nuanced, customizable look into social media data, you can source exactly what you need at a moment’s glance.

Save yourself time by checking out our NewsWhip Sheets add-on. Because data entry is so 2017.



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