Infographic: What you need to know for Instagram

August 22, 2017

Written by NewsWhip

Instagram is a rapidly evolving powerhouse for content creators. We look at how to make the most of the platform in our latest infographic and trends report.

With more than 700 million active monthly users, Instagram has emerged as a platform that publishers and brands alike can’t ignore. New reports suggest that the sought-after Generation Z is flocking to the platform, some of them even skipping Facebook entirely.

To stay ahead of the need-to-know trends on Instagram, we rolled up our newest research and insights into our “What You Need to Know for Instagram” report.
Read the report for:

  • The top publishers on Instagram and their strategies
  • How Instagram stacks up against Facebook for brands
  • Why influencer posts are making a big difference for brands
  • How top creators are using photo vs. video posts
  • The growth of Instagram video and the perfect video length

And for a quick look at what’s winning the day on Instagram, check out our handy infographic below:

It’s no question that Instagram is a quickly evolving platform, with new features being launched regularly and an exponential growth of users. For content creators, it’s clear that there is a highly engaged and passionate audience to tap into, for nearly every niche and vertical. By knowing what will resonate with Instagram users, you can build your following and create content that gets you Insta-famous.

Read our report now to uncover the top Instagram tactics that can help you reach new audiences and make sure your content is remembered.


Read the report: What You Need to Know about Instagram

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