The NewsWhip Survey: Read the Full Results in Our Whitepaper

September 2, 2016

Written by Benedict Nicholson

Our new whitepaper reveals and analyzes the findings from from the NewsWhip Content and Social Strategy Survey 2016, across over 260 media professionals. 

With the mass movement towards social-first publishing, it’s more important than ever to understand which platforms are going to become more important for different formats in the next year.
As the struggle to monetize social media continues, understanding how these platforms drive traffic and foster engagement is essential to success. As we’ve discussed previously on our blog, different social platforms will support different sectors and types of content. Despite that, certain platforms will emerge as pivotal to engaging readers in the coming year, while others will diminish in importance.
Our survey of over 260 media professionals in publishing, news, marketing, PR, advertising, governments and more revealed how the industry is looking at social, and where they’re focusing efforts. Their answers revealed which platforms are driving the most traffic and creating impact, and which platforms are gaining importance whilst others are fading away.
When asked which platforms will become more important to strategies over the next year, Facebook and Instagram came out on top with our respondents.
Social Platforms Becoming More Important
It’s no surprise that the most respondents by far think Facebook will only become more important as it continues to dominate the social-first publishing cycle with its various content formats. As our survey data shows, Facebook drives between 21 and 40 percent of monthly traffic for most of our respondents. What’s more, all other social platforms combined only drive about 0  to 10 percent of traffic for most respondents.
Monthly traffic driven by Facebook
Our survey also revealed an interesting signal about the platforms that might be losing relevance as 2016 rolls on. The most respondents (far and away) identified Twitter as the platform becoming less important to strategy. Though, as we further discuss in our whitepaper, several factors could have contributed to this rather than the platform simply losing relevance.
This is just a small sampling of the data our survey revealed. You can read the full analysis of the results in the whitepaper.

Download the whitepaper here!

Benedict Nicholson

In addition to leading the NewsWhip Research Center in New York, Benedict Nicholson manages partnerships with internationally recognized media outlets furthering data journalism, which includes NewsWhip’s Data for Democracy program. Benedict also facilitates consultations with communicators from the top 10 public relations agencies across America and Europe and with Fortune 500 brands to discuss consumer engagement trends and effective media monitoring. Email Benedict via

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