New in Spike: Predict Viral Stories

August 31, 2016

Written by NewsWhip
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You can now sort stories by their predicted social engagement in Spike, meaning that you’ll be first to the viral stories on social. 
Here at NewsWhip, we’re constantly watching new stories become big viral moments in a matter of hours.
For publishers, being ahead of these stories can help you get read. For PR agencies and marketers, it can help you track relevant conversations and find stories to respond to.

Social distribution isn’t going away. From June to July, our top 25 English-language publishers saw an 11 percent increase in Facebook engagements. More than ever, people turn to their social networks to find out the latest news.

Publishers and marketers race to discover which stories are getting attention in a unending universe of content and digital noise.

We’ve now made it easier than ever to find those stories. NewsWhip Spike lets you sort stories by their predicted social interactions to take the guesswork out of what’s pushing the needle on social.

predicted interactions spike

You can access this via the Sort By menu for Stories. For best discovery, it works best in 30 minute, one hour, or three hour views.

How to Sort by Prediction in Spike

To view stories sorted by their predicted social engagements, click the Sort by menu at the right of your screen in Spike.

sort by predicted interactions

After that, set your view for the time period you want to look at. Three hours and under work best for content discovery.

 Spike time

You can dive deeper by applying this view to your already saved web panels, the panels in Discover, or exploring different regions and topics.

This is a one hour view of science stories with the highest predicted interactions. The current interaction scores are at the base of each graph, while the predicted scores are to the right.

How accurate are the predictions? For one hour old stories, our forecasts are, on average, accurate to within +/-21% of the predicted score. For three hour old stories, our forecasts are, on average, accurate to within +/-12% of the predicted score.

More Spike News

That’s not all! Here are our other latest updates to NewsWhip Spike.

Add a Source via Search: If you search for a source, whether it’s a website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, or Instagram user, and we’re not tracking it, users can simply hit “Add” in the search menu to request the source be added to our database.

 Spike add source

New design for search results: There’s stronger contrast between result types and a more logical grouping of hashtags for Twitter search in the results dropdown.

spike search results new design

With Spike’s latest changes and features, finding the content wins is easier than ever.

Take a free NewsWhip Spike trial now and discover what’s going to go viral next


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