You Can Now Rank Stories By Facebook Reactions In NewsWhip Spike

April 21, 2016

Written by NewsWhip

We’re excited to announce the launch of Facebook Reactions in our Spike platform, making it easy to quickly find the most loved, funniest, and biggest ‘Wow’ stories online. 
In February, Facebook rolled out Reactions globally.

Symbolised by the small emojis you see under posts in your news feed, Reactions broaden the way Facebook users can respond to posts. Options include “haha”, “love”, “angry”, “sad”, and “wow.” The feature not only enables everyday users to respond to posts in a more emotional way, but offers a more detailed way for brands and marketers to analyse Facebook engagement.

Facebook Reactions
Today, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of Reactions in NewsWhip Spike.
Spike is a powerful social signals tool which measures real-time engagement on social media. We’ve been tracking Facebook engagements for some time, but as of today we’ve increased the level of content analysis significantly. The reactions filter allows Spike users to quickly find the biggest stories, videos and images based on peoples’ reactions.

In the Facebook tab on Spike, click on the “sort by” button in the upper right corner. This brings up a drop-down list of options allowing you to sort Facebook content by Reaction.

Facebook Reactions filter in newsWhip Spike
Here’s an example of top content under “haha”, in 12-hour view this morning:- and here’s what’s biggest under “love”.
Facebook Love Reactions in NewsWhip Spike
Clicking on “more info” underneath a piece of content brings up a detailed breakdown of engagement around that post. You can see how many of the individual Reactions a post has earned, with a graph illustrating how Reactions have evolved over time. Double-click on the graph for a more detailed view:

Facebook Reactions Graphs In NewsWhip Spike
With the new Reactions feature live in Spike, users have access to detailed analytics about audiences’ behaviour on Facebook.

  • Marketers and PR professionals gain a deeper understanding of audience response to campaigns. Comments, likes and shares are useful metrics, but sentimental reactions like “angry” and “wow” are clearer indicators of audiences’ feelings on different stories, videos and posts.
  • Publishers gain a detailed overview of their readers’ reaction to various posts. This valuable insight can be incorporated into social media strategy.
  • Brands can easily determine which topics and themes resonate with audiences and in what way. This information can then be harnessed when planning future campaigns.

And of course, the reactions filter can be combined with Spike’s other rich filters for the most detailed results possible. Spike Product Manager, John Hayes, explains:

“Our customers can now see what stories are driving anger, excitement, love and other specific emotions in any category. What Trump story is making people angry? What story about sports is provoking awe? What three stories have got the French laughing this hour?

Combined with search and other filters, this gives our users a far more nuanced form of discovery and analysis. For marketers and agencies, Reactions enable deeper insight into how users perceive them and their competitors. Your decisions no longer need to hinge on absolute numbers and questionable sentiment analysis – you can now monitor in real-time how your audience perceives your band and the content that you produce.”

And of course, Facebook is only one platform in Spike’s armoury – you can also quickly check out what’s trending on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Happy story hunting.

Try NewsWhip Spike to see what stories in your space are getting reaction on Facebook today


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