Question: Which Brands Do You Track, to Compile Your Rankings?


  • All of the Interbrand 100 list
  • The top 250 brands on Facebook, by community size, according to SocialBakers
  • The top 250 brands on Twitter, by community size, according to SocialBakers

We think this gives us excellent coverage of the top online and top social brands, who are likely to be the most successful brand publishers on social media. We track over 400 brands in our rankings.
If we’re missing an important brand, just let us know and we’ll add it right away.

Question: Where are Amazon, Apple, SoundCloud or Spotify in Your Rankings?

Answer: We decided to classify ‘a brand publisher’ as an entity which creates all of their own content. When we first pulled the data we saw brands such as Amazon dominated our initial spreadsheets. However, though Amazon is a brand, we think it’s more of a platform than a pure brand publisher. Other people can create listings on Amazon, which will also collect social engagements – this user generated content skews the numbers unfairly upwards. As such, we decided not to include such platforms in these rankings, though we are open to reviewing our methodology going forward. We’ll look at these platforms in other blogs though.

Question: What Sources, for These Brands, Do You Track?

Answer: Websites, blogs and feeds
This gives us a comprehensive view of content coming from these brands, into the social ecosystem. As with any methodology tracking social media data, it’s not perfectly accurate and we have to work with the same limitations as other analytics providers. Social media platforms change all the time, things go wrong and the good folks at Facebook, and other platforms, do ‘move fast and break things’. We’re constantly adapting to ensure our coverage is world leading.

Question: What Objects Do You Track?

Answer: Articles, blogs, product pages, videos, etc. If it’s published by a brand, at a URL, we’re tracking it. Outside of compiling our rankings, our Spike platform also tracks social posts, from any entity, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Question: Do You Track All Content Languages, When Compiling Your Rankings?

Answer: No. We track English, Spanish, Portugese, French, German and Italian language content only for our rankings of brand marketing trends. Our Spike dashboard tracks content in over 25 different languages though.

Question: How Do You Turn This into Rankings and Blogs?

Answer: Our data team query our Spike database, extract the data into Excel files, then manipulate it into usable form, for our content creators to work with.

Question:What If I Want to Enquire Further?

Answer: Send us an email and we’ll look forward to discussing with you further.