How to Find Trending Instagram Posts in Spike

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Instagram posts are now live in Spike, ranked and categorised with the rest of the content in the platform. 

Today, we’re officially announcing the launch of Instagram posts in Spike.

We’re now tracking over 5,500 Instagram accounts, ranking images and videos from Michelle Obama to David Beckham, based on their engagement rates.

And the engagement numbers on Instagram are phenomenal, with some posts attracting tens of thousands of likes within hours of posting. As one of the fastest-growing social platforms platforms on the web, Instagram is now a vital outlet for sourcing content.

As we noted recently, “If you accept that you’ve got to at least express an interest in where your audience is increasingly likely to be spending time, it’s hard to ignore platforms like Instagram.”

Eye-witnesses upload pictures of breaking news events. Pop stars announce details of their new albums. And hundreds of millions of eyeballs now scroll through an Instagram feed at least once a month.

However, Instagram isn’t an easily searchable platform. It’s mobile-based, which makes finding relevant content a laborious task. Spike’s new Instagram feature brings those posts into one tab, and makes it easy to quickly source relevant images and videos.

We put together a quick guide to using Spike’s Instagram feature. If you’d like to try it for yourself, sign up for a free Spike trial today.

Five Ways to Use Spike’s New Instagram Feature

1) Find the Posts that are Blowing up on Instagram in Real Time

Here’s the most straightforward way of getting use out of the Instagram tab – by finding what posts to incorporate into stories, or to figure out what pictures and videos are getting people’s attention over a given time period.

the Instagram tab

With thousands of accounts covered, this is a must-have reporting tool for anyone covering entertainment, fashion, lifestyle or fitness beats.

2) Find the Posts that are Generating the Most Discussion

To spot Instagram posts that are generating discussion, sort your stream by Instagram comments. That pulls up the top posts ranked by Instagram comments, useful for finding what’s getting people talking at any time.

top posts ranked by Instagram comments

3) Find Instagram Posts from Your Region and n Different Categories

You can filter for Instagram posts in Spike the same way you can filter for any other content – by applying location-based filters and drilling into trending posts from the US, UK, Canada and more.

Find Instagram Posts from Your Region and n Different Categories

#USA beats #COL 2-0 to advance to the next round! Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd each score a goal.

A post shared by Bleacher Report (@bleacherreport) on

4) Quickly Find Trending Instagram Video Clips

Use Spike’s video filter to sort video clips from images, to find clips such as the BBC’s coverage of this cat’s encounter with a bigger cousin:

5) Create Custom Searches of Instagram Users

In Spike, you can now search by category or keyword for any Instagram content. Here’s an example of a custom feed of football clubs’ Instagram accounts:

Create Custom Searches of Instagram Users

With Instagram posts, you can get a bird’s eye view of what’s being uploaded and engaged with on millions of phones around the world. Combined with content from Facebook posts, it makes Spike the number one platform for native content discovery.

We’re still building out our Instagram posts collection. If there’s an Instagram account that you’d like us to track, just click the ‘add Instagram Account’ button in the top right of your screen in Spike, or email us.

For more on how publishers are already using Instagram, see our recent five step guide to the platform.

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