What Engagement Looks Like for Six Top Facebook Pages

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For the first time, we look at total monthly interactions on content posted to major Facebook pages, from six select publishers. 

Ever since we added Facebook Posts to Spike, we’ve been impressed by the level of engagement that publishers are seeing on their posts.

From images and videos to external links, the feed is an intriguing look at how some of the biggest names in media have been doing at transferring their content to social platforms.

To take a closer look at what’s working, we analysed the engagement numbers on Facebook posts for six different publishers in April. Not all of the publisher pages that we measured would consider themselves as direct competitors, but it’s interesting to see how these sites are stacking up in terms of platform engagement.

MTV Facebook analysis

1) MTV

Total Page Engagements for April: 18.86 million

Most Liked Post On The Page: ‘Watch Paul Walker’s Final ‘Furious 7′ Scene And Never Stop Crying Forever‘ (Link)

Top 100 Posts Breakdown (ranked by ‘Likes’ on post): Links – 96, Videos – 4, Images – 0.

In April, MTV had almost 19 million engagements on their posts, a significant figure by any measure. The page’s most popular posts are almost all links, with a few videos. Their engagement rate is undoubtedly helped by their huge fanbase – almost 50 million people now like the MTV Facebook page.

2) BuzzFeed

Total Page Engagements: 10.39 million

Most Liked Post: ‘Cat Family‘ (Image)

Top 100 Posts Breakdown: Images – 19, Links – 72, Videos – 9

Interestingly, of BuzzFeed’s 10 most-liked posts on their page in April, none were videos. Four were images, and the rest were links to BuzzFeed stories. Their most-liked video featured a cat in a shower, and was liked over 50,000 times.

3) Bleacher Report

Total Page Engagements: 5.41 million

Most Liked Post: ‘LBJ Excited For Challenge With Young Team‘ (Link)

Top 100 Posts Breakdown: Links – 68, Images – 11, Videos – 21

Bleacher Report has a significant presence on Facebook. Its sports content is extremely popular with fans, who Like BR’s posts in their droves. Our recent analysis of external Bleacher Report content showed that a significant portion of their total interactions were made up of likes, suggesting that most of this engagement already happens directly on Facebook.

4) BBC News

Total Page Engagements: 4.9 million

Most Liked Post: ‘Wedding album: Andy Murray and Kim Sears‘ (Image)

Top 100 Posts Breakdown: Links – 55, Images – 15, Videos – 30

Of the six publishers we reviewed, BBC News were the most diverse in terms of content posted. They had a lot of custom-made videos, which are produced especially for consumption in the news feed.

5) The New York Times

Total Page Engagements: 4.21 million

Most Liked Post: ‘Game Of Thrones Season Premiere Draws 8 Million Viewers

Top 100 Posts Breakdown: Links – 94, Videos – 3, Images – 3

The NYT’s most likes stories of April both related to the same topic: Game of Thrones. With April seeing the of the popular show’s new series, readers on Facebook expressed their interest through liking two articles in particular in their droves. The stories – on viewership and an interview with the actresses behind two leading characters – pulled in nearly 300,000 likes from the New York Times Facebook page alone, ahead of the next most popular stories by some distance.

6) The Guardian

Total Page Engagements: 2.78 million

Most Liked Post: ‘Dear Katie Hopkins. Stop making life harder for disabled people

Top 100 Posts Breakdown: Links – 91, Images – 3, Videos – 6

The vast majority of the Guardian’s Facebook posts were links to their site – and they’ve seen strong engagement. Despite posting relatively few videos in April, their second most-liked post in April was a clip of a Japanese train.

Of the six sites surveyed, BuzzFeed had the most images among their top 100 posts (19%), while MTV had the most external links (96%).

BBC News posted the highest number of videos (30%), while the New York Times had the lowest (3%).

Note – this isn’t a strict ranking of all the publisher pages on Facebook. It’s just a selection of some of the bigger publisher pages we’re tracking in Spike. We also didn’t take into account associated Facebook pages – just the main ones linked above.

Spike’s Facebook posts feature tracks engagement on five types of Facebook post – Links, Videos, Images, Statuses and Events. Until now, we’ve only looked at engagement around Links. With the arrival of Instant Articles and the increased prominence of ‘distributed’ content such as native video, simply tracking engagement on links to external sites no longer gives the fullest picture of a publisher’s reach on the platform.

Next, we’ll be looking at the overall performance of videos and other native content on Facebook.

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