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Home Depot just did something that will INFURIATE half the country

Radical Muslim apologist group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) has once again managed to further their agenda by forcing employees of a Michigan Home Depot to undergo “cultural awareness training” concerning their religion. In other words, they’re being forced to learn how to treat Muslims as a protected class. Only in Obama’s America. From […]

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You know that hero female fighter everyone thought died? Well, we have GREAT news

Female Kurdish fighter and Internet sensation Rehana, the warrior who took out over 100 ISIS terrorists, is still giving the radical group nightmares. Reports broke earlier this week that Rehana had been captured and beheaded, with ISIS circulating a gruesome picture of a beheaded female soldier claiming it was her. They lied. Rehana, according to her […]

2 hrs ago

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Internal Poll Shows Hogan Leading Brown by 5 in Maryland

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan has a 5-point lead over Democrat Anthony Brown in a surprisingly close race in Maryland, according to a poll conducted on behalf of the Hogan campaign and obtained by THE WEEKLY STANDARD. The survey of more than 500 likely Maryland voters finds Hogan with 44 percent support, while Brown, the lieutenant governor, has 39 percent support. Fourteen percent say they remain undecided. That's a 17-point swing from the campaign's internal poll in July, when...

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Racialist Hispanic Group La Raza Caught Pushing Illegal Alien Vote Turnout

Racialist Hispanic group La Raza (English meaning: "The Race") is promoting voter fraud and the illegal alien vote by latching on and promoting a list of states with lax voter ID laws. Using the hashtag, #TurnOutForWhat, the National Council of La Raza's official Twitter account retweeted a tweet from Chicago based Asian Americans Advancing Justice, another…

16 hrs ago

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ABC, NBC Skip Midterms; Spend Time Attacking Christie for Flying ‘Off the Handle’ at Heckler

ABC and NBC chose not to cover the upcoming midterm elections during their Wednesday evening broadcasts, but instead devoted over three-and-a-half minutes going after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) for confronting a protestor earlier in the day during an event marking the second anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. Christie, who has received some rare praise from the mainstream media for a Republican, was not that person this evening as ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir reported he...

15 hrs ago

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Filth-mouthed Ferguson protesters threaten cops' wives, children -- and it's all on video

Protesters in Ferguson, Mo., acting in the capacity of “journalists,” continue to livestream the actions of police in hopes of recording examples of misconduct, but more and more it’s the potentially criminal actions of the protesters themselves that are being captured. Disturbing videos are turning up on social media showing protesters verbally assaulting police and […]

3 hrs ago

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VIDEO: Secret Service Agents Question Artist for Anti-Obama Tweets

Highly talented undercover conservative street artist SABO, known for his amazing, yet provocative artwork that is highly critical of the leftist agenda and Obama, got a visit from the Secret Service to question him about some anti-Obama Twitter posts, and most the the exchange was captured on video (page down to view). The door hanging message…

3 hrs ago

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'It's got to stop!' Family of lawman killed by twice-deported illegal alien demand border security

The family of one of two lawmen killed in California last week by an illegal alien who’d been deported to Mexico twice but returned undaunted appeared on Fox’s “Hannity” Wednesday night with one simple message for President Obama and the country: “It’s got to stop.” The federal government’s failure to secure the border – the […]

4 hrs ago

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