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Hollywood Actor Says His New Movie Will Hammer Political Correctness and Frustrate Atheist Activists

Actor Kick Cameron is taking political correctness to task this fall with a new movie that aims to deflate arguments regularly made against Christmas, while simultaneously pushing back against atheist activists' annual attacks on the holiday. In "Saving Christmas," Cameron plans to tackle some of the most controversial...

6 hrs ago

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Dictator Obama to Give Away More U.S. Sovereignty to Corrupt U.N. to Further Global Warming Hoax

Obama unconstitutionally makes laws, changes laws and picks and chooses which ones he'll enforce and which groups of American citizens he'll target and punish for opposing his dictatorship. Don't let the golf clubs fool you. With the threat of Obama illegally dictating amnesty for millions of illegal aliens lurking, he may look like he's out-of-touch, uncaring and…

6 hrs ago

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The Latest Admission from the Obama IRS is Not Only Maddening, It’s Criminal

Since the start of the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Obama IRS targeting of the Tea Party and other conservative groups began, there have been ever-changing stories from the group that abused its power to punish political dissenters from Barack Obama’s agenda.Lois Lerner initially gave a soapbox speech in which she claimed she did…

7 hrs ago

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What this Veteran Does Silences the Crowd and Leaves Them in Awe

This story will never grow old. During a Tea Party rally in 2010, a Marine veteran did something that left the crowd stunned and in awe. While most people are aware of the first verse of "The Star Spangled Banner", few are even aware that there are four.It is the fourth verse that will stir…

15 hrs ago

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VIDEO: Israel Obliterates Hamas Headquarters In Massive Explosion [WATCH]

There have been several attempts at ceasefires and peace talks with Israel, all of which have ended with Hamas rejecting the proposed deals. When Hamas continues to shoot rockets at Israel; Israel responds like a stern parent with a pound on the headquarters of the terrorists. We've got VIDEO [below] of their fiery response! In light of the continued attacks on the Jewish nation, Israel Defense Forces have continued their assault on critical Hamas targets in Palestine, striking at the heart of...

11 hrs ago

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