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What China Security Zsar Anti-Corruption Investigation Means For International Business

China's investigation of former head of security, Zhou Yongkang - at one point the third most powerful member of the Communist party - shows that China really is taking its anti-corruption investigations seriously. But what does this mean for international businesses? Will there be more crack-downs like the investigation into the activities of international pharmaceutical companies, GSK, Eli Lilly, Novartis and Sanofi?

42 mn ago

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I Want That Hour Back: The Meeting Invitee's Bill of Rights

Many clients launch initiatives on improving the quality of communications - cutting down on emails and meetings. One had an even better idea – they launched an initiative to “Reduce the Noise” to cut down on the quantity of emails and meetings that don’t matter, allowing people to focus on the ones that do. By actively working on this issues, they’re seeing real successes and reclaiming hours/days/weeks back to get real work done. The biggest gains in man-hours were found in implementing a few...

3 hrs ago

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"Car Sharing Doesn't Work." Former Mobcast Boss Rethinks The Model

“Car sharing doesn’t work – it’s never worked.” At first glance that’s a surprising statement to fall from the lips of the CEO and founder of a car-sharing (or to be more precise, journey-sharing) venture. But far from giving up on the concept, Tony Lynch believes that he and his team [...]

33 mn ago

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How To Create A Startup Hub

It's fun to launch a startup if you've got lots of company in your community from other entrepreneurs and can bump into them at Meetups and local cafes. And the cross-pollination of ideas can make your business stronger. But if you're starting a business in a town or city that isn't [...]

1 hr ago

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The Scourge Of Zero Rating – AVC

It seems like every week I read another article about a mobile carrier offering some incredible deal to eat the mobile data costs you rack up using certain apps. The most recent was the news that Sprint will sell at data plan that “only connects to Facebook and Twitter”. Many on the Internet are up […]

3 hrs ago

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