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College GameDay's Sam Ponder Goes Off On Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston is suspended for today's game against Clemson, but that didn't stop him from being a major focus of College GameDay. Here contributor Sam Ponder—the only female member of GameDay—takes Winston to task and wonders "how can you think it would ever be appropriate to publicly speak in such an obscene and vulgar way about women?" Winston's actions seemed to baffle Ponder:

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How To Make Pasta With Leeks And Prosciutto, While There's Still Time

Oh shit, dinner is still A Thing. It exists. Disaster. This is you, creeping incrementally homeward in the transportation gridlock of your locale and mode of transit, flop-sweaty and wild-eyed like John Lithgow on the airplane, doing a frantic mental inventory of the nigh-barren refrigerator waiting for you and the sad combinations of "food" that might be assembled from its contents. Ketchup and ... ketchup and baking soda. Ketchup and fat-free Greek yogurt and the bag of celery I dropped in the...

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