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New Dr. Who Game Teaches Kids to Code | WIRED

The Doctor Who is facing a new challenge: teaching your nine-year-old how to code. No, it may not be as daunting as a Cybermen invasion. But for you kid, it could be as fun as it is educational. On Wednesday, the BBC will launch a game called “The Doctor and the Dalek.” Designed by Dr.…

43 mn ago

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10 Toxic People You Should Avoid Like the Plague

Just like toxins in your air, water, or food, toxins in the people around you can cause serious harm--but they don't come with a warning label. Here's a rundown of what to look out for so you can keep yourself safe.

17 hrs ago

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Why I Fired a Top-Performing Employee

Although letting a key employee go might seem like a disaster in the making, the hit your company will take now is only a fraction of the damage that employee could inflict in the long run.

13 hrs ago

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IBM Stock Plummets as Company Abandons Chip Business | WIRED

IBM’s stock price is on the decline, after the company agreed to pay Globalfoundries $1.5 billion to take on its ailing chipmaking business and abandoned its controversial “2015 Roadmap” to deliver $20 earnings per share by next year. News of the Global Foundries deal arrived on Sunday, via Bloomberg, and IBM CEO Ginni Rommety confirmed…

7 hrs ago

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The Hidden Privacy Threat of ... Flashlight Apps? | WIRED

When I downloaded the Flashlight app to my iPhone, I was in a jam. I was camping, I think. Or maybe a pen had rolled under my couch. I remember that smug sense of self-congratulation after I downloaded the software, which converted the iPhone’s LED flash into a steady and bright beam of light. But…

17 hrs ago

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The LinkedIn Effect: Why Social Media Is Now Mandatory for Success

Call it the “LinkedIn Effect.” Social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook have changed the nature of human interaction forever. Certainly, social media is now pervasive among young and old alike for social purposes; it is fun, sometimes voyeuristic, and often unexpectedly entertaining. Yet for professionals seeking to achieve the highest levels [...]

14 hrs ago

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In Battle With Google and Amazon, Microsoft Offers Cloud Hardware Device | WIRED

Microsoft will soon offer a hardware appliance that will let businesses run something akin to its Azure cloud computing service inside their own data centers. At a press event in San Francisco, Scott Guthrie, who oversees Microsoft’s cloud business, said that the appliance will run on computer servers from Texas-based hardware-seller Dell, and that it…

9 hrs ago

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