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Friday cancer blogging - 24 October 2014

A few of you have probably cottoned onto the fact that people don't usually spend a week in the hospital for a broken bone, even a backbone. So in the long tradition of releasing bad news on Friday afternoon, here's my first-ever Friday news dump. When I checked in to the hospital Saturday morning, the first thing they did was take a bunch of X-rays followed by a CT scan. These revealed not just a fractured L3, but a spine and pelvis dotted with lytic lesions that had badly degraded my bones....

10 hrs ago

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Sarah, Bristol & The Recurrence Of The Eternal Victim

As you've likely seen Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol have now spoken out about their notorious boozy family brawl, recasting Bristol's attack on the event's host as a morality tale about violence against women and media bias. It is worth noting that probably no one in American public life better embodies the echo-chamber of digital life. Most prominent public figures say their piece and then various memes and jabs and more bubble their way up from Twitter or blogs or whatever other parts...

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Head of Labour party in Scotland quits

The head of Britain's opposition Labour party in Scotland has quit, unsettling the party in one of its heartlands ahead of national elections in May next year. Johann Lamont said in a newspaper interview that she was standing down with immediate effect, little more than a month after a referendum in Scotland when Labour and Britain's other national parties defeated a push for independence. The Daily Record said Lamont was unhappy about internal criticism of her and she hit out at the party in...

24 mn ago

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Making a Difference on Election Day

I have seen a lot of diaries on the upcoming Election Day. Some of them are woeful predictions of a crushing loss of the Senate. Others are ridiculously rosy predictions of upset victories and "...

8 hrs ago

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Meet 5 kick-ass women advocating for abortion rights

Texas recently tried to shut down a majority of their abortion clinics when the Supreme Court was (sort-of) like, no. “The Supreme Court’s decision only temporarily and partially prevents the Texas law from going into effect while the 5th Circuit finishes hearing the case,” Casey Mattox, Allia...

2 hrs ago

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