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It seems like the Dubliner won't get a title shot just yet...

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8 Ways to Dress Like Matthew McConaughey This Halloween

Halloween is a week away. Got a costume? If not, we suggest current GQ cover star and all-around 2014 cultural McJuggernaut Matthew McConaughey. Only question is: Which of the Texas wonders’ many incarnations should you take on? You could go with Wooderson, the wild townie he played in Dazed & Confused. Or Cooper, the farmer/scientist/astronaut he portrays in the upcoming Christopher Nolan space epic Interstellar. Or you could go with Rust Cohle, the beer-can-crushing redneck...

2 hrs ago

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Notre Dame WR Takes Cute Selfie In Bed With Porn Star Lisa Ann

Here's a photo a tipster sent us of two people seemingly enjoying each other's company in bed together. One of them is Justin Brent, a freshman wide receiver for Notre Dame. The other is Lisa Ann, a decorated porn star most well-known for her role as Serra Paylin in Who's Nailin' Paylin? Last night they were spotted enjoying—insofar as one can—a New York Knicks preseason game together, and at some point (we're not sure of the timeline here) they ended up in a bed together. We hope they had fun...

12 hrs ago

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TV Anchor Warns New Yorkers To Not Eat Maybe Ebola-Infected Poop

Bad news, y'all: Ebola is in New York. You may think you're screwed. You may think this is the only logical conclusion to Obama's America. You may even be right. Luckily, NY1's Errol Louis knows how to fight this plague: If you're prone to putting random feces in your mouth, don't do that for a while. Wait for all of this blow over. Seriously.

12 hrs ago

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If you play contact sports, the chances are you need a gumshield to protect those pearly whites of yours…

2 hrs ago

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2015 Oscar Watch: Yes, It's Time To Start Arguing About This Already

As of this second, we are 122 days away from the 2015 Academy Awards, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris as Billy Crystal growls angrily in the corner and everyone tries real hard not to make a Renee Zellweger joke. That's a ludicrously long time from now, but there won't be a single moment between now and then in the world of movies that's not specifically focused on that date. In fact, you can make a strong argument it's been going on for a couple of months now. Almost every release, every...

36 mn ago

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Peanut Guy Is An Accurate, Concession-Throwing Machine

Look, being the Peanut Guy isn't that sweet of a gig. You're employed by Aramark, you're at a baseball game but don't get to watch any of it, you have to work like 10 straight nights on a home stand, you're always dropping your hard earned cash on lozenges for your sore throat, and you rarely get a chance to really show some talent.

11 hrs ago

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The World Roger Ailes Made

It is long past time for my business to stop treating the Fox News Channel as anything more than the wingnut clown show it was designed to be. Kelly referenced Gov. John Hickenlooper's (D-Colorado) signing of a new election law advanced by his fello...

57 mn ago

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