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Satanists Demand Religious Exemption From Abortion Laws, Cite Hobby Lobby Ruling

They think they should be able to use it to exempt women from anti-abortion laws.

2 hrs ago

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Sarah Palin Wants A Piece Of Fox's Audience (And She's Employed By Fox)

The Fox News Channel has more competition for its conservative audience, this time from one of its own employees. Sarah Palin is launching the Sarah Palin Channel, an online "news channel" that will "cut through the media's politically correct filter" and address "the issues that the mainstream media won't talk about." Rupert Murdoch launched his Fox News Channel in similar fashion by decrying the alleged liberal bias of the media, and targeting his channel to a disaffected audience. Palin is a...

2 hrs ago

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US Appeals Court Strikes Gay Marriage Bans In 4 States

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday struck down bans on same sex marriage in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

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Fast Food Workers Vote To Add New Tactics In Their Fight For Higher Wages

Fast food workers called for civil disobedience in their campaign for a $15 wage and the right to form a union.

6 hrs ago

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Boehner Op-Ed: I Oppose The Law I'm Suing Obama To Implement

House Speaker John Boehner made his case for suing President Barack Obama to implement the Obamacare employer mandate, saying he chose that issue because it gives Republicans the best chance of success in court. "On the advice of legal experts, the House action will focus on his decision to extend — twice — the deadline to institute the employer mandate in his health care law. We believe this targeted lawsuit offers the best chance of success," the Ohio Republican wrote in an op-ed for USA Today...

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ESPN Panelist Apologizes On-Air For Saying Women Shouldn't 'Provoke' Domestic Violence (VIDEO)

An ESPN panelist who suggested Friday that women should try not to "provoke" domestic violence apologized on-air Monday for the comment, which he called "the most egregious error of my career."

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The Conservative War Over Impeachment

There's a brewing conservative media war over whether to impeach President Obama. Largely relegated to the fringe for years, the prospect of impeachment has been invigorated thanks to conservative media figures like Fox News contributors Sarah Palin and Allen West, who have spent recent weeks loudly demanding Obama's removal from office. But not everyone in conservative media is on board, with several prominent figures arguing that impeachment is ill-fated, politically toxic, and could severely...

3 hrs ago

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