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A University Can Pick Two of These Three Things | Science Blogs | WIRED

A recent trend seems to be the evaluation of higher education institutions. I’m not sure about other states, but in Louisiana the state funding each university receives is partly based on “performance metrics”. Personally, I think all of these things are just silly. At one point or another, I have heard administrators and politicians saying…

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What causes autism?

Those with the condition have too many synapses - places where where neurons connect and communicate - in their brains, say Columbia University researchers.

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Apple is going to extreme lengths to make sure your iPhone 6 is just perfect

How much does Apple want to make sure the iPhone 6 is the best it can be? So much that it’s willing to make a last minute change just weeks before its launch that has apparently left its supply chain partners “scrambling.” According to a new report from Reuters, Apple this month sent a key iPhone 6 component “back to the drawing board” for a redesign after the company found that it didn’t make the device’s display bright enough to meet its exacting standards. “Two supply chain sources said...

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WeCycle: Crowdsourced Cycling Patterns

WeCycle may sound an awful lot like ‘recycle’, but this iPhone app is more about recording cyclists’ every movement than converting waste into reusable material. TravelAI, the developers behind the... Keep reading →

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JBraamz: The Sci-Fi Inspirations of Velocity 2X

Hi everyone! My name is Hussain Sheikh and I’m the Technical Director at FuturLab! I’ve been writing a series of ‘making of’ articles about Velocity 2X over on our blog, and today PlayStation.Blog has kindly offered to host this particular post about the most awesome of visual effects: LENS FLARES!

40 mn ago

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iPhone 6 Screen Snafu May Limit Availability

If you're thinking of picking up a shiny new iPhone 6 on launch day, you may have to reset your expectations. According to a new report, Apple's suppliers are having trouble producing enough screens for at least one of the two expected devices, which could seriously limit availability. Based on what two supply chain sources told Reuters, Apple wanted to initially use only one layer of backlight film on the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in order to make it as thin as possible.

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Don’t Quit Before the Whistle Blows

What do you do when you find yourself down on the track while the race goes on without you? We all trip and fall. The question is what comes next? Heather Dorniden, now Kampf, is a highly decorated runner with an impressive string of accomplishments. But what’s most impressive was the time she won first […]

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