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How to Stop Waiting For Your Relationship to Fail

We've all been told you have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding a prince (or princess), but no one ever tells you that it's really hard to stop worrying that said prince might actually be a toad in disguise. After you've been fooled and disappointed a few times, it's understandable to think something is too good to be true. It can be a challenge for any of us to just trust, to accept that someone who presents themselves as a quality human is, in fact, a keeper. But not trusting can be a...

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The Best Advice On Changing Your Life, From People Who’ve Been There

If you're feeling like you don't know what you're doing with your life, you are not alone. We've all been there. Whether you're stuck in a giant rut or looking for that extra nudge to make a career change, look no further than these ladies for some inspirational advice. The following famous folks all had to make a gigantic u-turn to follow their passion. And it's a good thing they did. Here's what they have to say about making both baby steps and massive leaps to turn things around. Kristen...

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20 Things ‘90s Kids Actually Ate For Lunch

When you were a kid, you had two favorite times of the day: lunch, and when the bell rang at 3:30pm. Lunch was pretty special though, even if you were stuck at school. Lunch time led to the grand unveiling of what your mom or dad packed you in your Hercules lunch box. If you were a child of the '90s, chances are, it was probably garbage. Sweet, delicious garbage. These days, my sister-in-law packs organic granola bars and sliced gala apples for my niece and nephew, but I remember my dad throwing...

20 hrs ago

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: "I had to be told by my law clerks, what's this Notorious."

Katie Couric talked to Ruth Bader Ginsburg about the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision, the likelihood that she'll stick around past Obama's term (thus putting her spot up for potential Republican replacement), her judicial argument with Roe v. Wade ("not the result, not the judgment, but the opinion... [it] gave the right-to-life people a single target to move at"), and the question that shall not be named ("Who — man or woman — has it all, all at once?"). The absolute best part, though, is...

4 hrs ago

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