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Could Sarepta Therapeutics Inc. Be Running Out of Money? (SRPT)

A biotech stock running out of money is a worry that healthcare investors don't take lightly. Let's take a closer look at clinical-stage drug developer Sarepta Therapeutics and discover whether or not it has enough cash in its coffers to execute on its business strategy. - Sean Williams - Health Care

15 mn ago

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Frontrunning: October 24

Doctor with Ebola in New York hospital after return from Guinea (Reuters) Ebola Puts Spotlight on Bellevue, Key NYC Trauma Center (WSJ) Uber Driver Transported Ebola-Positive Doctor in New York (BBG) GOP Gains in Key Senate Races as Gender Gap Narrows (WSJ) ECB Tries for Third Time Lucky in European Stress Tests (BBG) Security tight in Canada as police probe Parliament gunman's ties (Reuters) Why Madrid's poor fear Goldman Sachs and Blackstone (Reuters) Fed’s $4 Trillion Holdings Keep Boosting...

2 hrs ago

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Burst Chinese Housing Bubble Leads To First Annual Price Decline Since 2012; Prices Drop In Record 69 Cities

It has been over six months since the Chinese housing bubble has popped. What's worse, as overnight housing numbers out of China confirmed, the government has so far failed to contain the fallout, and according to the National Bureau of Statistics, which is anything but, after a fifth straight monthly decline, Chinese home prices have now wiped out all price gains in the past year. This was immediately spun as bullish by media outlets and sellside experts as "raising expectations the government...

1 hr ago

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Forget "Lower For Longer", The Fed's New Message Is "Sooner But Slower"

Many have recently drifted toward believing the Fed will be ‘lower for longer’.   My view is that the Fed will be ‘sooner, but slower’.  In other words, I expect the Fed to hike in March or sooner, but then run into problems that will slow the pace (and make it difficult to get to 1% by the end of 2015).  Moreover, today’s equity market ‘melt-up’ should be a warning sign to the Fed of the moral hazard, one-way, bubble-like conditions it has instigated.

1 hr ago

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American-Made Financial Repression

The late economist Ronald McKinnon argued that China and the US, by working together, could alleviate financial repression and enhance global monetary stability. Unfortunately, this advice is not popular among US economists and policymakers, who prefer the short-term political advantages afforded to them by free-market rhetoric.

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