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Why Men Cheat - Clash Daily

You want to know why men cheat? Because women don’t do their jobs. Women get married, and then clock out. Not all women, but there are a fair number of women out there completely unaware that their husbands are hiring prostitutes or sleeping with someone from the office.

6 hrs ago

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Photo du Jour: Wide Load - Feature Shoot

For Prologue, Vancouver-based photographer Andrew Querner retraces the steps of his parents’ 1969 journey to Billings, Montana, where they met after emigrating from Japan and Austria. Inspired by the discovery of an old takeout menu that his father had saved as a memento throughout the years, he searched his father and mother for the specifics and nuances of their travels to America, unearthing memories of former homes and friends who helped them along the way.

14 hrs ago

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