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Taylor Swift is the Cover Girl for 23 Editions of 'Cosmo' | NYLON MAGAZINE

Taylor Swift is out for world domination. The Southern star’s new album 1989 is topping charts worldwide. Also, she literally just moved to New York and has already been made the city’s Global Welcome Ambassador. Hell, every time she even mentions her cat | beauty, beauty news, makeup, hair, skin, nails, nail art, celebrities, beauty queen, models, it girls, how tos, guides, news on

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Your November Horoscope, Revealed

Oh, hello there. November is nigh, and we'll be noticing ALL the small details as the cosmos turn a fine lens on our lives. With the Scorpio sun adding a mysterious air until November 22, hiding behind a little coy intrigue — or a lot of facial hair (it's Movember, remember?) — only cranks up

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Where Would You Sleep In This 86-Square-Foot Apartment?

With small-space apartments there's tiny and then there's tiny. And, we've found a winner for that latter category. Deep in Paris, somewhere on a seventh floor, is an 86-square-foot studio. Yes, that number includes the kitchenette with a hidden sink and single bed in a loft cupboard. It would

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Huma Qureshi in Nachiket Barve & Pankaj and Nidhi - High Heel Confidential

Two nights. Two different gold-accented looks. Which of Ms. Qureshi’s look here grabs your attention? Both is an absolutely acceptable answer too. ;) Huma Qureshi Left: At The Absolute India Party in Nachiket Barve With Outhouse earrings & Valliyan Ring Right: At Mint Luxury Summit in Pankaj & Nidhi with Micare earrings & Outhouse ring …

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