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Looking For A Deal? How Meta Brands Will Change Everything

What do you think of when you think of a Brand? We know brands like Nike, Toyota, and Apple in a very intimate way—they have distinctive personalities and we may even feel like we have “relationships” with them. The power and the meaning of "Brand" has some powerful implications for us as consumers, entrepreneurs and business people, but the idea of "Brand" may now be under pressure from an emerging new way of doing business.

1 hr ago

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IBM, McDonald's And Coca-Cola: Right Companies, Wrong Strategies

Of all the basic rules of business strategy, one stands out: get your priorities right. Focus on the customer and ride the right market trend. Then growth will follow, aligning the interests of customers and employees with those of stockholders. For years, IBM, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) followed this rule closely. They [...]

2 hrs ago

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Skateboard Company Declares War On Bullying

Bullying in the United States has taken center stage in recent years with evidence coming to light that youth who are bullied experience increases in mental health issues, negative physical performance, poor school performance, depression, anxiety and changes to eating and sleeping patterns. In contrast, those who bully are more [...]

4 hrs ago

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How To Turn Negative Feedback Into Something Positive - In Photos: How To Turn Negative Feedback Into Something Positive

Negative feedback at work is painful. It might make you angry or frightened--but if you're able to turn it into a positive thing, the negative feedback can actually be your key to success. I spoke to Rebecca Thorman, a speaker, blogger, and careers writer at, Eve Tahmincioglu, a career blogger, director of communications at Families and Work Institute, and author of From the Sandbox to the Corner Office, Tina Nicolai, an executive career coach, and Alexander Kjerulf, an...

22 hrs ago

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Will This Doctor-Turned-Entrepreneur Cure Peanut Allergies?

French doctor turned entrepreneur Pierre-Henri Benhamou led his team to an IPO on the Nasdaq this week as part of his mission to expand his biotech startup on US soil. CEO Benhamou is developing Viaskin, a small patch peanut allergy sufferers can wear which over time reduces their sensitivity to [...]

7 hrs ago

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How Apple, Virgin, Zingerman's, And Other Customer Service Masters Bend Time

It's no secret that customer expectations for timeliness have accelerated. (Almost daily, it seems.)  Yet there are some cases where you can’t increase your speed of customer service, your delivery of your product, the deliverables of the customer experience. The reality of such situations is that customer expectations have rushed [...]

18 hrs ago

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How Saying 'No' Can Help You Grow

Saying no is not a weakness. Saying no is a key strength to growing your business. Knowing what to say no to means that you have clearly identified your objectives, mission and purpose. By not chasing after every opportunity, you have time to succeed at the few important things that drive your business.

24 hrs ago

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Weirdness Is the Glue of Great Cultures

Is it any surprise the Kansas City Royals are ready to rumble? Their culture is clearly a united one, as evidenced by catcher Salvador Perez's crazy team-building capers.

21 hrs ago

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