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Bill Would Cut 2015 Meaningful Use Reporting Period to 90 Days

Legislation introduced late this afternoon would shorten the 2015 reporting period for the federal Meaningful Use electronic health records (EHR) incentive program from a full year to just 90 days, matching the 2014 requirement. The proposed Flexibility in Health IT Reporting (Flex-IT) Act of 2014 (H.R. 5481), sponsored by Reps. Renee [...]

2 hrs ago

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To My 16-Year-Old Self, On Falling in Love for the First Time

I won’t tell you not to do it, because in the end it will teach you more about life and love and yourself than you ever thought possible. The business of regret is a dangerous one. If I could, I would tell you this: you think you’re starting the adventure of your life; just don’t lose yourself along the way. Not everything is meant to last forever. And that’s alright. I would tell you: stand your ground. It's OK to get angry, even if says he loves you. There will be other boys who say it and...

4 hrs ago

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Google Maps Has Been Tracking Your Every Move, And There’s A Website To Prove It -

Remember that scene in Minority Report, where Tom Cruise is on the run from the law, but is unable to avoid detection because everywhere he goes there are constant retina scans feeding his location back to a central database? That’s tomorrow. Today, Google is tracking wherever your smartphone goes, and putting a neat red dot […]

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Jameis Winston Yells "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy," Killing Meme

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston stood on a table and yelled "fuck her right in the pussy" on campus today, according to a bunch of students who saw him. For the unaware, "Fuck her right in the pussy" was a fake video that turned into a meme, with a few people shouting it on live news broadcasts. It is now dead, because Jameis Winston climbed onto a table and yelled it. College jokes!

5 hrs ago

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