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Keep It 100: We Rated Rappers On The Madden Scale

We had to make a rule: You can't use the Falcons. That's as close as you could get to cheating without actually cheating, because He was on the Falcons, and He was ... fast doesn't begin to describe what Michael Vick was in Madden 2004. He had a speed rating of 95, earned after a few years spent making real-life NFL defenses look confused and hapless the moment he left the pocket. In the video game, it looked like Vick had taken a PCP and GHB cocktail, and the opposing defense was a middling Pop...

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What Love Is & What Love Isn't -

After the response to his story about falling in love with his best friend, Mike Iamele wrote down some of the things he has learned about love. In the last few weeks, I’ve been thrown into a whirlwind discussion about what love is and isn’t. Since MindBodyGreen asked me to expand upon my blog post, detailing how I fell in love …

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New Zealand FIBA Team Does Haka Dance, Confuses Team USA Players

Like all good New Zealand national teams, these dudes started off their FIBA World Cup game against Team USA with a bitchin' Haka dance. Haka dances are never not cool, and this one comes with the added bonus of the camera capturing a few American players looking on, befuddled and perhaps a bit terrified.

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