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Lesbians Who Tech, From Silicon Valley To The White House

As I'm reaching for my morning coffee, I see this email: "You’re invited to Lesbians Who Tech, a global community of over 4,000 queer women in and around tech (and the people who love them). Whether you work at a tech company, have a technical job or you’re just obsessed [...]

17 hrs ago

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Want to Drive More Revenue? Stop Selling

Selling has turned into a complicated game of hide and seek. The problem is particularly vexing when sales teams try to engage the C-Suite. One of the biggest moves Teradata made was to disrupt their selling process and adopt a Services Selling Path model.

11 hrs ago

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I Guess I'm Not OK

Last night I lost it. It's been a long time since I felt helpless, panicked, visceral fear. The war, in an instant of a second, became personal and tangible and even more horrifying and terrifying....

15 hrs ago

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Why We Should Probably Stop Searching For a Soulmate

A new study from the University of Toronto may put a wrench in all of our ‘happily ever after’ daydreams. According to new research, the idea of seeing your romantic relationship as ‘meant to be’ can actually be harmful to the relationship itself. This is the part where all of us hopeless romantics pretend that we would never think such a thing and pshhhh that’s not my crush’s last name on the back of my Trapper Keeper so BACK OFF. But seriously folks, this study has some interesting takeaways...

17 hrs ago

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20 Toys Every ’90s Kid Just Had to Have

If you were a kid of the '90s I know what you wanted as gifts. Here's why: we all wanted the same things. I’m sure there’s a study to be done on '90s commercials and the hypnotic power of Nickelodeon, but really, it just felt like everything that existed back then was awesome and absolutely necessary. What they were selling, I was begging my parents to buy, if you know what I mean. Here’s a rundown of 20 toys from the ‘90s we were always asking for—and sometimes got! 1. Ta​magotchi This little...

16 hrs ago

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8 Things To Know This AM

Confirmed: Tom Hiddleston is a veritable dreamboat made of sunshine, joy, and dimples. (Vulture) Freddie Prinze, Jr. wanted to quit show business altogether after working with Kiefer Sutherland on 24. (People) A new lawsuit claims that "Happy Birthday," which everyone assumes is in the common

43 mn ago

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Bella Thorne's "London Schoolgirl" Hair and More Beauty Inspo from the Young Hollywood Awards

At last night's Young Hollywood Awards, there was plenty of fresh hair and makeup inspiration on display—and lucky for us, Glamour's own Jessica Radloff was right there on the red carpet to do our beauty stalking for us. Here are two of the glam looks she got scoop on, straight from the stars. 1. Bella Thorne's good-girl-gone-bad hair and makeup Bella (who always inspires us with her hair and makeup change-ups!) shared the inspiration behind her latest gorgeous beauty look. "I’m wearing straight...

20 hrs ago

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