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25 Questions Only Moms Ask Themselves

1. Is that chocolate...or poop? 2. Oh crap, will anyone notice that I’m wearing two different shoes? 3. Can a baby actually suck your life force out through your boobs? 4. Ketchup totally counts as a vegetable, right? 5. How is that I have a college education and I can not solve this second grade math problem?

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Teddy Bear the Porcupine squeals with delight while eating mini pumpkins!

The sounds you are about to hear are real, Teddy Bear the Porcupine "talks" and has had a well documented love of food. For his October treat last year the fun people over at Zooniversity let him go wild all over mini pumpkins. Teddy's handlers were shocked this video went viral again so I have a feeling a new one will be uploaded soon. Watch Teddy literally "nom nom nom" his way through this delicious treat! "All porcupines make some guttural noises when they’re happy or when they want to...

13 hrs ago

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Airbag Recall Questions Prompt DOT Investigation

The Department of Transportation will conduct a review of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has been criticized for its handling of the Takata airbag recall this past week, as well as other recalls this year, administration officials told ABC News. The airbags, made by...

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Fast Food Employees Confess What Menu Items You Should Never Order

If you’ve ever looked at something you ordered at a fast food restaurant and though to yourself “What’s IN this?!”, you might just find out today. Below, eleven fast food employees reveal the fiercely protected secrets of the fast food chains they’ve worked at. In 2012 the fast food industry spent $4.6 billion to advertise…

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