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10 Cats and Dogs Who Are Winning At Hide-And-Seek

This post was written by Lindsey Robertson on The Dodo. No need to be jealous about how masterfully these pets are hiding. They'll reveal themselves to you when they're ready. 1. Cat is pretty confident his owners still believe he is a notepad. Reddit: estrojenn 2. Shower curtains will always aid you in your quest to disappear. More or less. Reddit: titoveneno 3. "Don't mind me, I'm just a pair of socks!" Reddit: jasperjonez 4. Snacks the Bulldog knows nobody can see her in her Stool of...

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What Happens to Your Facebook When You Die?

There's a moment in the book The Fault In Our Stars, when cancer patient Hazel Grace gazes at a recently deceased classmate's Facebook wall and scans the long list of condolences there. This happens in a book that everyone has read and no one thought it was weird because afterlife Facebook pages have become normal and expected, a 21st century part of life: when a loved one passes away, their social media presence lives on. Recently, a team of number-crunchers at WebpageFX turned up...

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Why People Who Hate Cats Are Suspect

I recently made a new lady friend. When I had said friend over for the first time a few weeks ago, I realized something glaringly off about her: she was super awkward around my cat. She literally did not know how to interact around him and weirdly petted him with a forced “aww.” When he playfully batted his paw at her, she got freaked out and claimed he hit her. We’ll see how that holds up in court. You best lawyer up, pronto. I finally called her on her horribly concealed dislike, when she...

4 hrs ago

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Love Is Dead: Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Marriage Reportedly Coming to an End

Rumors of the iminent breakup between superstars Jay Z and Beyonce are reaching a critical mass. Like any massively famous couple, they've been plagued with rumors of infidelity and unhappiness throughout much of their relationship. But recently, the stories that they will divorce as soon as their On The Run tour ends have been picking up steam, thanks largely to the now-infamous elevator fight and renewed cheating rumors spurred by a song Beyonce has been singing since 2006 that apparently...

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Badass Model Jillian Mercado Revolutionizes Fashion’s Beauty Standards

Meet Jillian Mercado. She’s a 26-year-old model and fashion blogger with short blonde hair, occasionally shot through with lavender streaks. She’s the star of Diesel’s “We Are Connected” campaign and Nordstrom’s new summer catalog. And she’s in a wheelchair. Mercado, who has spastic muscular dystrophy, has been in a wheelchair since she was 12-years-old. But it hasn’t slowed her down. She writes about style and fashion on her blog, Manufactured 1987, and began modeling earlier this year when she...

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Canadian Teen Gets Abstinence-Only Education Class Cancelled

Canadian high school student Emily Dawson has a lot to celebrate this month. She and her mother, Kathy Dawson, filed a human-rights complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission last year after Emily completed a mandatory abstinence-only workshop that slut-shamed students and used scare tactics to enforce abstinence. Two weeks ago, the Edmonton Public School Board announced […]

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Woman Confronts Catcallers and Secretly Films Their Reactions

I've always been curious about the psychology behind street harassment: whenever strange men trundle forth out of the shadows to mutter sexy adjectives at me or whenever they effusively waggle their eyebrows and make kissy noises out of moving vehicles, I wonder, "What is the end game here?" Do they think that I'm going to turn around and say, "Thank you, good sir, I'm deeply touched; I, too, find myself delicious on this crisp summer morning" or chase after their car waving my phone number at...

6 hrs ago

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Pro-Choice Activists Stand Up for Abortion Providers Under Attack in New Orleans

Abortion providers in Louisiana are getting hit from all sides this summer. First, Louisiana state lawmakers passed restrictive legislation that, if allowed to go into effect, may force the closures of most clinics in the state. Then, the local Catholic Bishop in New Orleans waged an ongoing campaign to stop the construction of a new Planned […]

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6 Life Lessons I Learned From Disney Villains

They are vain, they are jealous and they are oh, so wonderfully evil. They are Disney villains. Whether they're trying to gain power, status, or even just the object of their desire, these villains pull out every stop to take control and overthrow the "good guy." Luckily, as Disney, and life in general would have it, the "good guy" usually wins. The villains are defeated and we walk away with a great story about a hero or heroine. But what about the villain? Even the most evil villains are not...

11 hrs ago

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