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Lionsgate Sues Over 'Expendables 3' Leak (Exclusive)

Lionsgate is taking legal action against the anonymous individuals who leaked an advance copy of Expendables 3, starring Sylvester Stallone. On Thursday, the film company filed a lawsuit against "John Does 1-10." According to the complaint, Lionsgate reports learning on July 24 that a digital file containing a high quality reproduction of the film had been stolen and uploaded to the Internet. All the copies circulating online are said to be traced to this single digital file.

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'Guardians of the Galaxy': Theater Repeatedly Shows Wrong Movie to Fans

Well, at least they got the Guardians part right. Expletives flew at a Guardians of the Galaxy screening Thursday, when a Regal Cinemas in Virginia repeatedly showed the opening segment of 2012's Rise of the Guardians instead of the Marvel Studios tentpole. Dean Browell, who was sitting in the audience with his 10-year-old daughter, says they sat through 15 minutes of previews, followed by five minutes of the animated movie before an employee popped in to say they were trying to fix the...

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Watch: Heroin Bob Lives In New Trailer For ‘SLC Punk 2: Punk’s Dead’

In case you’ve forgotten, or potentially not even seen it, 1998’s "SLC Punk!" told the hilarious and bitter story of two unruly punks, Stevo and Heroin Bob, trying to maintain an anarchist way of life in the cultural wasteland, of the very unpunk conservative suburbs of Salt Lake City circa 1980. An irreverent and self-aware satire about maintaining the punk ethos while trying to figure out next steps in life, this funny coming-of age tale was often compared to slacker/druggie-centric films like...

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