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Welcome to the Jungle: How to Wear Leopard Print This Fall (Seriously)

Not long ago, it seemed as though camouflage was the only print menswear would acknowledge. It's hardly surprising—camo is masculine and a little daring all at once. Ultimately, camo saturated the market to the point where everything from ties, to pants, and even suits were being done up in the military fabric. It all got to be a little much. You can still find camo out there today and we're not exactly averse to it, but we're looking ahead. In fact, our new favorite pattern is one that, like...

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West Virginia QB Clint Trickett's First Kiss Was Nick Saban's Daughter

Nick Saban is perhaps the Platonic ideal of the kind of dad that strikes fear into the heart of any boy foolish enough to attempt dating his daughter, especially because he could likely get away with murder in the state of Alabama. And yet, West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett, who is playing Alabama this Saturday, is out here openly bragging about how he totally smooched Saban's daughter.

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Here's Some Stupid For Lunch

The Politics Blog from Esquire features the best daily politics analysis and political blogging from Charles P. Pierce, John H Richardson, Tim Heffernan, Mark Warren and more

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New NBA Rules Will Clear Out The Baselines

In a memo sent to teams and obtained by the Associated Press, the NBA has unveiled two new rules concerning space around the basket stanchion and along the baselines that are intended to make things safer for players. But the association claims the changes were in the works long before Paul George's leg snapped like uncooked spaghetti.

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