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Butterbeer cupcakes: A perfect Muggle Halloween treat

As children reading Harry Potter, we all imagined what butterbeer might taste like. And a lot of us probably chuckled at the naughty notion of being able to imbibe a beverage with beer in it. I always imagined a butter-y, butterscotch drink with maybe a trace of beer. So in honor of Halloween, I decided to whip up some butterbeer-inspired cupcakes with butterscotch and beer. Because this is a holiday that's all about sugary indulgence, right? If you would prefer not to add in beer, see...

9 hrs ago

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The 9 Most Annoying Things to Hear When You're Single

Whether you're happily single or jonesing for a steady relationship, being unattached has its pros and cons. Pros: getting the entire bed to yourself and feeling like you can truly do whatever you want, whenever you want. Cons: besides craving a relationship and not having one, people can say such clueless things! Sometimes it gets so bad that your eyes would get stuck if you rolled them any harder. These statements are usually well-meaning and can even be reassuring the first few times you hear...

16 hrs ago

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