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11 Unusual but Awesome First Date Ideas

Dinner. A movie. And maybe mini golf if you're lucky. It seems like the first date is always the same formulaic awkward introductory interview. Try not to eat weird in front of the other person as you formally struggle with conversation, followed by silence in a movie theater that may result in an arm around your shoulder move. If you're stuck in a dating cycle reminiscent of Bill Murray's life in Groundhog Day, have no fear! Here are 11 unusual but awesome first date ideas! 1.  The Whole Foods...

9 hrs ago

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Watch Chewbacca the Sloth Chow Down On A Plate Of Carrots

This is why I love Facebook, it brings back up old videos I might have missed before. While scrolling through my timeline my friend Carolina posted this reposted vid from 2012 and it is ADORABLE! So, for all the dramz Facebook brings it does succeed in bringing cute back. Watch Chewbacca the sloth get his grub on. From the original uploader, lckubo: Chewbacca, shows his food preferences. This video is from my June 2012 volunteer trip to the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica. Please remember: sloths...

13 hrs ago

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What the New York Times Got Wrong About Shonda Rhimes

When black women share their pains about being ridiculed, objectified, limited and stereotyped, you should believe them. Even now in 2014, we are often left to defend ourselves and even women in the highest positions of power and prestige must compete with unnecessary criticism that other non-black women or men won’t face. Consider the constant criticism for Michelle Obama for everything — from the size of her body to her healthy eating initiatives for children. Was anyone ever this upset about...

3 hrs ago

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How to Survive the Last Days Before Your Next Paycheck

I write and teach for a living, so I’m not super wealthy. Or wealthy at all, actually. I’m also somewhere on the impulsive spectrum, so I've gotten into a financial bind at times. Nothing too crazy. I just have to eat ramen for a few days and sneak my own alcohol into bars when I go out, but everything seriously works out. But while we’re talking about money, let’s talk about those dreaded few days before your paycheck. First of all, I am seriously SO THANKFUL that I’m not just a teacher...

9 hrs ago

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My Struggle with Learning to Like Myself

I always considered myself an ugly duckling. I had glasses and braces in high school. I was introverted, awkward, and self-conscious about my body. I had butterfingers, tripped over my own feet, walked into inanimate objects and lost balance. Now, I’ve accepted my awkwardness, nearsightedness, and even my clumsiness. However, I still struggle to feel beautiful. I have lived for almost 25 years and every single day, I have thought negatively of myself, and it all comes down to my weight. Growing...

11 hrs ago

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Avocado Oil Is Unofficially The New Coconut Oil

Remember just last week when we told you apple cider vinegar was the new coconut oil? Well, we might've spoken too soon, because, as brought to light by Elle, it looks like avocado oil is giving them both some stiff competition. It was only a matter of time until this beloved fruit (no, that's

1 hr ago

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When Married People Give Dating Advice...

When I was single, I was obsessed with getting dating advice from my married friends. I figured their success with coupledom could teach me a thing or two. Now that I'm straddling the single-married line, I see the problem with that point of view: Once you find someone, it's easy to forget how

2 hrs ago

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