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13 fictional characters who would make amazing husbands

I am gosh darn lucky and so very happy I’ve met the man I’m going to marry. But every now and then, it’s fun to play the “What if?” game. What if I’d never met my fiancé? What if I could live in the fantasy world of make-believe and marry one of the swoon-worthy guys from my fave rom-coms and TV shows? If that were even a remote possibility, I've put together a wish list of fictional fellas I’d like to spend my Happily Ever After with: 1. Noah (Ryan Gosling) in The Notebook It’s a cliché for a...

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Serena and Venus Williams Battle More Body-Shaming

It seems like Serena and Venus Williams just can’t catch a break. Though both have been ranked No. 1 in women’s singles tennis, taken home armfuls of trophies and been credited with ushering in a new era of American women’s athleticism, nasty comments about their bodies—and gender performance—continue to plague their careers. The most recent […]

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