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5 ways ‘Now and Then’ ruined my life

[Today is Now and Then's 19th birthday! Can you believe that glorious bestie movie is almost done with being a teenager? Time flies. In honor of such an important occasion, we thought it only proper to take a look at how life-ruiningly good it was then. . . and now.] I’m not going to pretend that I still watch Now and Then all the time, but when I did watch it, I watched it a LOT. This was one of those movies my friends and I would always put on whenever we had slumber parties and knew like the...

6 hrs ago

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Jenny Slate is Back as Marcel the Shell with Shoes On!

Jenny Slate and her adorable tiny, yet sassy, shell are back! Watch as we catch up on all things Marcel and her feelings on deodorant, anxiety and shrimp...she really is not a fan of shrimp. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, 3 is to help promote Marcel's new book, THE MOST SURPRISED I'VE EVER BEEN. Hopefully if enough people buy it we can finally get a Marcel show or movie. I just want more of this little shell. ♫When you come to the end of a perfect day!♫

9 hrs ago

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Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Tweets About "Gay Scenes"

Thursday night belongs to Shonda Rhimes. With her wildly popular set of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and the latest How to Get Away With Murder, the writer has earned her own hashtag. And, #TGIT makes many wonder why they even bother with Friday-night television. Still, as beloved and

14 hrs ago

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